Why & How to Use Soaked LECA for Plants

How to use LECA why rinse soak and plant in leca clay balls

Leca/Hydroton/Expanded Clay Balls is a growing medium that uses to grow plants instead of soil. It is an acronym positioned for its lightweight expanded clay aggregate forms. This product is prepared by baking clay balls and uses after moistening with water. Several modern-age gardeners apply this substitute of soil for their plantation after soaking them … Read more

Aloe Vera Quick Care #3 Propagation & Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing leaves of aloe vera wobbly aloe vera complete plant care

Aloe vera plant is one of the most beneficial succulents you can have around. If there is any possibility of having an indoor or outdoor gardening area in your house, you must give it a chance with blind eyes. The advantages of having an aloe vera plant in the house are myriad. Besides, you can … Read more

Quick Guide: How to Take Care of Jasmine Plants

Jasmine Plant Quick Care Ideas

Jasmine Loves abundant sunlight and tolerates shade with bright indirect light. Prune your jasmine in late spring or early summer for lush growth and blooms. Allow soil to turn dry and water twice a week in normal seasons and increase frequency to keep your jasmine plants moist in the peak flowering season. Jasmine is good … Read more

My Coleus Plant Is Losing Leaves: Reasons & Fix

Why my coleus plant leaves are falling off how to fix quick care tips

Coleus plants are one type of ornamental perennial shrub. Its super-variegated and vibrant foliage makes this a must-have decorative plant for your house. Coleus plants grow in various forms including succulent, tuberous, rootstock, and fleshy conditions. Despite bringing an ideal outdoor plant, you can cultivate this species effortlessly in a restricted indoor area. Native to … Read more

Why My Hibiscus Leaves Are Turning Yellow: Reasons & Fix

Reasons for Yellow Leaves on Hibiscus How to save dying plant

What’s inside: Reasons why hibiscus leaves are turning yellow, how to deal with yellowing leaves, quick care tips, revive a dying hibiscus, propagation, and why to deadhead flowers. Hibiscus is a stunning flowering plant from the mallow family of the Malvaceae genus. The main genus is quite hefty and incorporates almost hundreds of species. Hibiscus … Read more

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants? Liquid Fertilizer & Compost

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants Using in Compost is Recommended

Coffee Grounds for Plants: In simple using too much coffee ground can harm your plants, but in ratio, it is good to improve your soil structure and increase soil acidity. So it’s better to use coffee grounds for acidic soil-loving plants. Along with nitrogen, it helps to replenish micronutrients in your garden soil and is … Read more

Hay Mulching Vs Straw Mulching: Why Use Straw for Mulching?

Hay vs straw as mulching material why use straw mulching

Most serious gardeners know how much mulching is important for healthy gardening. As mulching improves the whole nourishment process of your plant by holding moisture and preventing weeds. However, some landscapers seem afraid of using the right element for mulching. Hay turns out to be a better mulch if it’s free from seeds and of … Read more

Why Use Epsom Salt for Plants? Myth or Miracle for Plants?

Benefits of using Epsom salt for plants

Using Epsom salts on plants is one of those best organic methods several gardeners have been applying for centuries. Some new-age gardeners frequently show their inquisitiveness about this ancient method. Epsom salt for plants: Apart from nourishing your plants with micronutrients, it helps in bushier plant and greenish leaves, better blooms in flowering and vegetable … Read more

Increase Your Soil pH: Turn Garden Soil Acidic to Alkaline

Make Your Soil Alkaline -Increase Soil pH

Balancing the pH level of the soil is very important for healthy gardening. The requirements of a low-acidic level mostly depend on the plants you are going to propagate in that soil. Most of the plants in your garden prefer neutral soil and are sometimes acidic. But, if your soil is too acidic it’s gonna … Read more