African Violets Quick Care Tips: Fertilizer Needs & Propagation

Quick Care Tips for African Violets Fertilizer Needs

African violets are one beautiful houseplant that grows lovely flowers in clusters in different vibrant shades including violet ones. If you are planning to cultivate flowering houseplants, go for this easy-to-grow without thinking twice. This herbaceous perennial plant can add an exotic tropical essence to your place when fully grown. Here are some growing tips … Read more

Bird of Paradise Curling & Wont Bloom

Complete care propagation and quick tips for bird of paradise plant

Are Bird of Paradise Toxic to Cats? Strelitzia aka bird of paradise is a gorgeous flowering plant. Despite its amazing bird-like flowers, several gardeners avoid bringing or cultivating this plant at home due to its toxicity. Unfortunately, the bird of paradise is completely poisonous to house pets including cats and dogs. Why is it Toxic … Read more

Why My Cordyline TI Plant is Dying: Reasons & Fix

Reasons why your Cordyline Ti plant is Dying - Complete Plant Care

Cordyline plants are hugely appreciated as ornamental houseplants due to their big and variegated foliage. This is a woody monocotyledonous blooming plant that incorporates almost 15 species in its single category. Red star cordyline is a specific genus of Ti plant that needs a bit of attention while growing in a restricted indoor climate. Let’s … Read more

Brown Spots & Yellowing Leaves: ZZ Plant Complete Care

How to take care of zz plant yellowing leaves causes and fix

Zanzibar gem or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia aka ZZ plant is a decorative flowering plant, from the Araceae family. This perennial species of Zamioculcas is native to the tropical regions of eastern Africa. The waxy and sleek foliage of this plant gives it a spectacular elegancy. Thus, you will find several people use the potted ZZ plants … Read more

My Coleus Plant Is Losing Leaves: Reasons & Fix

Why my coleus plant leaves are falling off how to fix quick care tips

Coleus plants are one type of ornamental perennial shrub. Its super-variegated and vibrant foliage makes this a must-have decorative plant for your house. Coleus plants grow in various forms including succulent, tuberous, rootstock, and fleshy conditions. Despite bringing an ideal outdoor plant, you can cultivate this species effortlessly in a restricted indoor area. Native to … Read more

Why My Schefflera Plant is Dropping Leaves? Reasons & Fix

Pinterest Image Dwarf Umbrella Plant Care

Schefflera plant (Dwarf Umbrella Plant) is a beautiful flowering plant from the Araliaceae family. Plants grow in different criteria including trees, shrubs, and lianas. Being a medium to low-light plant, Schefflera does extremely well while growing indoors. In Short – Reasons for Schefflera Dropping leaves and Drooping: Your plant may lose leaves mainly because of … Read more

Pet Safe Plants: 9 Houseplants That Are Safe for Cats

9 Best Houseplants That Are Safe for Cats

House plants that are safe for cats: Want to balance your love for cats and plants? Check out this quick list of pet-safe plants. 1 Bromeliad, 2 Areca Palm, 3 Spider Plant, 4 Moth Orchids, 5 Sword Fern, 6 African Violets, 7  Philodendron, 8 Echeveria, and 9 Gloxinia. These flowering plants and a few lush … Read more

Revive A Dying Dracaena Marginata: How to Propagate & Care

Pinterest Image on Dragon Tree Care Soil, Growth Propagation and Overwatered Revival Care

Dragon Tree Quick Care: Dracaena marginata is shade tolerant but the bright indirect light-loving plant and prefers loamy soil which retains water but is not soggy. Deep watering weekly once and fertilizing yearly once is good enough for healthy growth.  Prune off damaged leaves and look for pests, trim rotten roots and repot if the plant … Read more