How to Make My Lucky Bamboo Grow Faster with More Branches

How to grow lucky bamboo faster with more branches

Lucky bamboo is a classy-looking houseplant that grows best in small to medium planters with moderate care. This houseplant is more flexible than other common indoor plants and thus, picked by the utmost indoor gardeners frequently. A lucky bamboo plant grows 1-3 feet tall and spreads 1-2 feet, while fully thriving. It is a perennial … Read more

Why Use Epsom Salt for Plants? Myth or Miracle for Plants?

Benefits of using Epsom salt for plants

Using Epsom salts on plants is one of those best organic methods several gardeners have been applying for centuries. Some new-age gardeners frequently show their inquisitiveness about this ancient method. Epsom salt for plants: Apart from nourishing your plants with micronutrients, it helps in bushier plant and greenish leaves, better blooms in flowering and vegetable … Read more