My Coleus Plant Is Losing Leaves: Reasons & Fix

Why my coleus plant leaves are falling off how to fix quick care tips

Coleus plants are one type of ornamental perennial shrub. Its super-variegated and vibrant foliage makes this a must-have decorative plant for your house. Coleus plants grow in various forms including succulent, tuberous, rootstock, and fleshy conditions. Despite bringing an ideal outdoor plant, you can cultivate this species effortlessly in a restricted indoor area. Native to … Read more

Giant Indoor Plants With Big Leaves: #9 Large Foliage Houseplants

Plants with Big Leaves - Large Leaf Houseplants Quick Care

9 Best indoor plants with big leaves that beautify your interior – especially for house plant lovers who prefer giant bold leaves. 1 African Mask Plant – 2 Elephant Ear Plant – 3 Majesty Palm – 4 Calathea Orbifolia – 5 Fiddle Leaf Fig – 6 Caladium – 7 Dumb Cane – 8 Ruffled Fan … Read more

My Peace Lilies Are With Brown Tips: Reasons & How to Fix

Reasons and Fix Peace lily brown tips how to care for leaves turning brown

The peace lily is yet another beautiful garden flower that can emphasize the whole look of your yard attractively. But, brown tips on a peace lily are discouraging for any gardener, who wants to keep their houseplant always healthy. If you are suffering from such a crisis, then check out these useful tips on how … Read more

Make Fittonia Bushy: Complete Nerve Plant Care (& FAQ)

How to Take Care of Fittonia - Nerve Plant Care Quick Tips

What’s inside: Fittonia plant care, how to make nerve plant bushy, pruning, and propagation techniques to make it fuller.  Also, quick tips on stripes forever plant care, soil, water, and lighting requirements to promote better growth. Fittonia or nerve plant is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that belongs to the genus of the Acanthus family(Acanthaceae). Despite … Read more