9 Best Flowers & Plants to Attract Bees

How to Attract Bees to Your Garden Quick Tips and Best Flowers

Bees are garden-friendly bugs and they are beneficial too for our plants. So, it is not only the honey factor that makes bees relatable for us, but their obliging qualities for gardening are something we should appreciate immensely. If you want to grab those benefits of bees in your garden, then, learn these simple tricks … Read more

How Can I Attract Birds to My Garden?

Why and how to attract birds to your garden and balcony quick tips

As an organic gardener next to growing your own veggies, it’s highly entertaining to watch birds visiting your garden. Feeding and hearing the bird’s melodies and chirping sounds are calming to the mind. Since the natural habitat of birds is gradually diminishing, birds relocate to safer places looking for a steady source of food and … Read more

How To Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden:

Ladybugs or lady beetles (ladybirds UK ) are welcomed by every organic gardener to naturally get rid of insect pests. In addition to controlling harmful pests, they are harmless and loved by kids for their graceful appearance. Fine, let’s jump into the quick overview and methods to attract and keep ladybugs in your garden. Lady … Read more