Aloe Vera Quick Care #3 Propagation & Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing leaves of aloe vera wobbly aloe vera complete plant care

Aloe vera plant is one of the most beneficial succulents you can have around. If there is any possibility of having an indoor or outdoor gardening area in your house, you must give it a chance with blind eyes. The advantages of having an aloe vera plant in the house are myriad. Besides, you can … Read more

What Do Thrips Look Like? How to Get Rid of Thrips

How to Get Rid of Thrips Damage Natural Ways

Damage: Thrips damage looks like white patches, a large number of slivery spots, and thin line marks on leaves. Also, your plant will have stunted growth, lessened flowers, and fruits or damaged flowers as the thrips suck your plant sap and feed on flowers.  To get rid of thrips make use of effective homemade spray … Read more

Is it Cruel to Pour Salt on Slugs? How to Get Rid of Slugs

How to get rid of slugs snails in your garden

Slugs are a nightmare for any gardener. They will eat the leaves, bite on crops, and hamper blooming entirely once they appear in your yard. These tiny gastropods are a real nuisance to our garden plants and must be eliminated as soon as they appear. While slugs are not poisonous or toxic but, they are … Read more

#14 Scents Cats Hate: Plants that Repel Cats

Plants that repel cats - getting rid of cats from your yard

Nobody wants that their loving garden turns into a litter box of cats, right? Unfortunately, cats recommend a garden area for their pooping or urination spot, no matter how beautiful or organized it is! Regrettably, you can’t protect your landscape all day from their attack, especially if you have a cat in your house or … Read more

#7 What Do Spider Mites Look Like? How to Get Rid of It

How to get rid of spider mites with natural and homemade ways

There’s nothing more annoying for a gardener than finding destructive pests on their garden plants. Things get more difficult when such insects are hard to see on your plants, like spider mites. Spider mites are one tiniest insect that spreads telltale spider webs on stems as well as leaves and can cause serious damages to … Read more

What Do Aphids Look Like? 5 Quick Ways to Kill Aphids on Plants

How to Get rid Aphids - Quick Ways and Control

Aphids or tree lice are one type of the most destructive and disgusting plant insect that can damage the overall health of your plants severely. If you don’t treat aphids at the primary stage, they can even destroy the entire garden solitarily. Besides, aphids are harmful to our natural surroundings or our environments as well. … Read more