Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants? Liquid Fertilizer & Compost

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants Using in Compost is Recommended

Coffee Grounds for Plants: In simple using too much coffee ground can harm your plants, but in ratio, it is good to improve your soil structure and increase soil acidity. So it’s better to use coffee grounds for acidic soil-loving plants. Along with nitrogen, it helps to replenish micronutrients in your garden soil and is … Read more

Hay Mulching Vs Straw Mulching: Why Use Straw for Mulching?

Hay vs straw as mulching material why use straw mulching

Most serious gardeners know how much mulching is important for healthy gardening. As mulching improves the whole nourishment process of your plant by holding moisture and preventing weeds. However, some landscapers seem afraid of using the right element for mulching. Hay turns out to be a better mulch if it’s free from seeds and of … Read more

Mushroom Compost: Are Mushrooms Decomposers?

Are Mushrooms Vegetable Decomposers Plants or Fungi

Mushroom is not just a tasty edible fungus that treats your taste buds but also, a good decomposer to increase the nutrient value of your garden soil. And to be short, technically mushrooms are not vegetables and they come under the fungi kingdom. Mushrooms are neither animals (meat) nor Vegetables. Mushroom don’t produce their own … Read more

How to Use Eggshells in My Garden: Eggshells for Plants & Birds

We always throw the eggshells in a trash bin after using the white and yolk, which makes tons and tons of shells end in landfills. But do you have any idea how much nutrients those crunchy eggshells hold in themselves? Well, once you realize that an eggshell is a powerhouse of calcium, potassium, and phosphoric … Read more

9 Quick Ways to Attract Earthworms to Your Garden

How to attract get earthworms to your organic garden

Earthworms are like a boon to the garden soil, as their digging and casting activities are greatly beneficial for the quality of your garden. That’s why earthworm casting is called black gold by organic farmers/gardeners. A healthy population of earthworms in your garden results in better texture and soil structure and nutrient-rich soil. Also, earthworm … Read more

7 Nitrogen Boosting Rich Organic Wastes for Your Compost & Soil

Nitrogen is the essential and major nutrient for your plants to thrive and grow healthy. While nitrogen deficiency could drive your plants toward fatal consequences. How Nitrogen Impacts Soil and Plant Growth Does adding nitrogen help plants grow? Nitrogen helps your plants in lush and green growth as it is the key component of chlorophyll. … Read more