Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow: Myths, Facts, and Proven Remedies

Orchids Plant Care Soil Water Sunlight Needs and Propagation Methods

The orchids incorporate almost 28,000 species dispersed in about 763 genera. Each species of orchid grow attractive and colorful flowers with a pleasant fragrance. Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow -In Short: Overwatering, light exposure, and Change of place are the common reasons for yellowing leaves. If your orchid plant is near dying: Avoid trimming or pulling … Read more

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants? Liquid Fertilizer & Compost

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants Using in Compost is Recommended

Coffee Grounds for Plants: In simple using too much coffee ground can harm your plants, but in ratio, it is good to improve your soil structure and increase soil acidity. So it’s better to use coffee grounds for acidic soil-loving plants. Along with nitrogen, it helps to replenish micronutrients in your garden soil and is … Read more

9 Quick Ways to Attract Earthworms to Your Garden

How to attract get earthworms to your organic garden

Earthworms are like a boon to the garden soil, as their digging and casting activities are greatly beneficial for the quality of your garden. That’s why earthworm casting is called black gold by organic farmers/gardeners. A healthy population of earthworms in your garden results in better texture and soil structure and nutrient-rich soil. Also, earthworm … Read more