How to Make My Lucky Bamboo Grow Faster with More Branches

Lucky bamboo is a classy-looking houseplant that grows best in small to medium planters with moderate care. This houseplant is more flexible than other common indoor plants and thus, picked by the utmost indoor gardeners frequently.

A lucky bamboo plant grows 1-3 feet tall and spreads 1-2 feet, while fully thriving. It is a perennial shrub that became noted due to its sculpture shape and swirling stalks.

You can get an original bamboo-plant look in a tiny shape with this plant. Lucky bamboo plants appear catchier when they thrive with more branches in a shorter period.

So, here we come with some smart hacks on how to make your lucky bamboo plant grow more brunches and how to grow it faster either in the easiest manner.

Let’s check them in our narration and steal the exclusive look for your lucky bamboo plant quickly-

How to Make Lucky Bamboo Grow Faster:

How to grow lucky bamboo faster with more branches

Usually propagated parts take almost 7-8 months to produce new shoots on a lucky bamboo plant. That’s why the owner of a lucky bamboo plant always seems eager to know how to grow them faster instead of bushier.

Here we provide some useful tips in this regard on how to boost the growing speed of your plant naturally-

  1. Keep the growing medium consistently moist, try to use mulching and or misting along with a steady watering session
  2. Provide natural light more like sunlight than any artificial light source to fulfill its light requirements
  3. Let it grow in a soil-based growing medium instead of water, as a fertile potting mix can provide the essential nutrients to the roots more effectively than the hydroponic process
  4. Feed your plant with diluted fertilizer more frequently than its regular schedule
  5. Keep the drainage process properly working, as this will keep the growing medium healthy with adequate moisture but never let it soggy ever
  6. Keep the growing medium breathable all the time. If you are growing your plant in soil, prepare it with the proper ratio of components. On the other hand, keep the water changed in every 9-12 days if you are growing it hydroponically
  7. Maintain the best growing climate for your plant with proper humidity, perfect temperature, and a decently ventilated atmosphere
  8. And finally, give your plant enough space to thrive by keeping the pruning session regular, propagating in time, and sowing the plant in a wide-open planter.

Apart from these, try to keep your plant safe from any kind of pests or bugs, or disease attacks attentively to get the fastest growing effects on your lucky bamboo plant.

How to Make Lucky Bamboo Grow More Branches:  

Our most effective tips for growing more branches on your indoor lucky bamboo plants are as follows-

1. Potting Soil & Watering Needs:

If you want to make your lucky bamboo plant grow bushier or with more branches, you need to keep its growth rate steady, in the first place.

Remember that if you can take proper care of your plant, it will never disappoint you ever. Lucky bamboo plants are low-maintenance and thus, you don’t require to give much attention to their caring regimen.

It is compatible with your normal room temperature. Just make sure that you treat the pests and diseases issue effectively and that’s it! Here are some quick tips to follow in their caring method –

  • Pick a well-drained rich potting soil with an acidic pH level
  • Keep the soil constantly moist but not soggy and mulch your plant
  • Use distilled water whether you are cultivating it hydrophobically or normally
  • Use chemical-free water (chlorine and fluoride-free water).
  • Feed steadily and of course, by following the proper fertilizing methods
  • And give your plant a good rinse every 2-3 weeks to keep it protected from insects or diseases

2. What Garden Fertilizer to Use:

This houseplant is not a high feeder and can thrive well when with a moderate amount of fertilization every other month.

You can’t apply normal commercial fertilizer to a lucky bamboo plant, especially, while trying to grow more branches on it. Here are some important tips you shall mind here-

  • Normal lawn or garden fertilizer works more effectively in picking the growth rate high
  • Dilute your fertilizer before using it to make the strength a bit low
  • Water your plant after fertilization to stimulate your lucky bamboo to grow thicker
  • Vermicompost is a good choice for organic fertilizer to get a similar result on your plant
  • And feed your plant once every 30-50 days, depending on its growth rate

3. Prune for More Branches:

Pruning is a good way to let your plant grow bushier along with keeping it organized. Houseplant normally gets restricted space to thrive than garden plants.

Pruning or shedding is one method that helps your houseplant achieve more space to spread its branches.

This rule applies to lucky bamboo plants as well. Repeat your pruning session more often with a growing lucky bamboo plant. Here are some quick tips in the attempt-

  • Use sterilized and very sharp pruner or shear to practice the course
  • Find out all the discolored leaves over the stalks and cut them off entirely
  • Look for any thin or leggy shoots, in this step
  • Cut those disputed shoots right away with a length of 1-2 inches from the stalk
  • And check for any crookedly disputed shoots or leaves too in this segment to prune them off either

4. Humid Climate & Sunlight Better Growth:

To make the stalks of a lucky bamboo plant thicker, you should maintain a growing atmosphere that grows the branches quicker.

Keeping the climate suitable for the plant is optimal in such an attempt. If you can provide a positive impact on your plant, it will reward you with a more thriving form with heavier branches for sure.

To keep the growing condition and the climate suitable as well as stimulating for your lucky bamboo plant, try these hacks accordingly-

  • Increase the humidity level of your room by using an artificial humidifier
  • Otherwise, you can place a tray with pebbles and water under the planter to get the similar effects
  • Maintain a growing temperature that is above 65° F throughout the day and night
  • Provide your plant filtered sunlight for 5-6 hours a day to keep your plant healthy enough
  • Never let the temperature go above 90° F in any circumstance, if you want to hold the busher form for long

5. Propagate Consistently:

The most important and effective process of making your lucky bamboo plant grow with more branches is propagating. The more you prune and propagate your plant will get more branches.

The propagation process of this lucky bamboo is quite different and easier than other houseplants. You don’t need to get new shots or new pots or new potting mix for the propagation.

A lucky bamboo plant can be propagated in the same planter if they have the space to replant there. Here is the most effortless propagation process we refer to you, let’s try them and instigate the brusher form of this perennial shrub quickly-

  • Never let your lucky bamboo plant grow all if you want to grow more branches
  • Prune them from the above with the entire top shoot about 3-4 inches long
  • Simply put it directly into the soil just after pruning your plant
  • Insert almost 1-inch inside the soil and water the newly plated shoots then
  • And that’s it, eventually, they will grow well and produce new shoots, and this way, your lucky bamboo plant will be going to appear much more, bushier.


Is It True That Lucky Bamboo Brings Luck To Your Life?

According to the Chinese Feng-Sui, a lucky bamboo plant brings luck and fortune to your place, when placed at the right spots.

However, this is a myth and is believed by some householders. You can try this for good ‘Vastu’ for your home, but in reality, believe as per your conception.

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