What Kills Your Plants in Winter? Indoor/Outdoor Plant Care

Winter Season Plant Care Overwintering Indoor and Outdoor Plants

People, who live in a colder climate, are always afraid of the winter for their loving green friends. Most of the plants couldn’t thrive well during this harsh period of the year. So, it is always better to pick plants that are compatible with the hardiness zone, where you live. What if your chosen plants … Read more

Why My Rosemary is Dying: Reasons & Fix

Reasons for a dying rosemary herb plant

Salvia Rosmarinus aka rosemary is a noted flowering shrub. This plant is immensely popular for its medicinal properties. Apart from its therapeutic benefits, rosemary plants provide an abstract beauty, especially when blooming. Needle-like leaves grow in stalks and produce vibrant tiny flowers in clusters. Blossoms could cultivate in plenty of bright shades, such as purple, … Read more

Why My Plant Leaves Are Turning Black (Reasons & Fix)

Why Do plant leaves turn black Causes PlantCare365

Leaves are better to be green for eternity. No matter whether you are growing a big-foliage plant or a tiny-leaf shrub, they always seem appealing while grown in a striking green shade. Unfortunately, sometimes we find that the leaves of our plants can’t stay green and appear unhealthy for a while. Be certain that your … Read more

Transplant Shock (Repotting): How To Fix a Dying Plant

Dying Plant Transplant Shock in Plants Symptoms

Plants are innate with unmovable quality, and when we force them to move from one place to another, it happens. We have to admit the fact that plants thrive well when they stay uninterrupted in every aspect. But sometimes we can’t promise a plant so, because of the crucial replantation process. Few indoor plants and … Read more

My Bird of Paradise Leaves Curling: Reasons & Fix

Bird of Paradise Curling Leaves Plant Care

Bird of paradise is a big-foliage plant, that often grows indoors as an ornamental piece. Its oblong leaves seem striking while growing in a long banana-leaf-like concave shape in a deep green shade. This is a flowering houseplant, but undoubtedly foliage is the main attraction of this plant. The leathery surface of the leaves gets … Read more

Quick Guide: How to Take Care of Jasmine Plants

Jasmine Plant Quick Care Ideas

Jasmine Loves abundant sunlight and tolerates shade with bright indirect light. Prune your jasmine in late spring or early summer for lush growth and blooms. Allow soil to turn dry and water twice a week in normal seasons and increase frequency to keep your jasmine plants moist in the peak flowering season. Jasmine is good … Read more

How to Save a Dying Yucca Cane Plant: Quick Care Tips

Drooping Dying Yucca Can Plant Care

As Indoor Plant: Yes it is a slow-growing plant but its easy maintenance and pest resistance make it an ideal indoor plant. Sunlight: Yucca plants love full sun and tolerate partial shade. Bedroom: Yes yucca plants can be grown in the bedroom, with enough sunlight provided for the plant it can happily keep your bedroom … Read more

#5 Things to Avoid: Begonia Care on Watering & Propagation

Begonia Plants Quick Care Tips How to Care for

Begonias are one of the most easy-to-care flowering plants to grow indoors. If you like to cultivate ornamental plants indoors, then, begonia is probably the most excellent one to go with. They happily grow in pots/medium containers with proper drainage and moist soil rather soggy. Also, you don’t need to deadhead begonias as they can … Read more

Can Take Full Sun? Bromeliads Water, Soil, Fertilizer Needs (Care)

How to Care for Bromeliads Quick Care Ideas Watering Pruning and Propagation

Here you will find details on whether bromeliads can withstand full sun, and how often to water, soil, and fertilizer needs. Also on Bromeliads complete plant care, propagation, and FAQ (Toxic to pets?) Bromeliads are not easy to care for houseplants which require bright indirect sunlight and optimum watering and fertilizer sparingly. Watering at regular … Read more

Mastering Jade Plant Leaf Care: Troubleshoot All Issues (Reasons & Fix)

Mastering Jade Plant Leaf Care Complete Care on Leaf Issues

Jade plants are sun-loving succulents and prefer well-draining loamy acidic soil. Cactus potting mix and occasional watering and addressing bugs and mites with rubbing alcohol and neem oil will keep your jade plants healthy. Avoid overwatering and scorching sunlight that may burn leaves. Jade Plant Leaves Complete Care – Issues & Fix Jade Plant Leaves … Read more