Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants? Liquid Fertilizer & Compost

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Plants Using in Compost is Recommended

Coffee Grounds for Plants: In simple using too much coffee ground can harm your plants, but in ratio, it is good to improve your soil structure and increase soil acidity. So it’s better to use coffee grounds for acidic soil-loving plants. Along with nitrogen, it helps to replenish micronutrients in your garden soil and is … Read more

9 Tested Homemade Organic Plant Foods: Liquid & Solid Fertilizers

Best Organic Homemade Plant Foods Natural Fertilizers for Garden Plants & Vegetables

Best Organic Plant Foods Liquid and Solid: Coffee grounds for nitrogen and soil texture, banana to boost flowering with potassium, ca, and phosphorous, dried eggshells for slow release of calcium and improve soil, grass clippings for nitrogen, and mulching.  Compost tea & green tea promotes microorganisms, and are good for easy nutrient intake by plants, … Read more