My Coleus is Losing Color: Grow Faster & Bushy Plant (How to Fix)

How to grow my coleus faster and bigger

Coleus is an annual perennial that thrives best when cultivated as houseplants. ¬†Providing a moist growing medium, enough light, on-time pruning, consistent watering, and humid temperature along with monthly fertilization will help your coleus plant to flourish and turn bushy. Get Bushy Fuller Coleus:¬† Prune your coleus occasionally to get the desired shape will prevent … Read more

My Coleus Plant Is Losing Leaves: Reasons & Fix

Why my coleus plant leaves are falling off how to fix quick care tips

Coleus plants are one type of ornamental perennial shrub. Its super-variegated and vibrant foliage makes this a must-have decorative plant for your house. Coleus plants grow in various forms including succulent, tuberous, rootstock, and fleshy conditions. Despite bringing an ideal outdoor plant, you can cultivate this species effortlessly in a restricted indoor area. Native to … Read more