Make My Peace Lily Bushy & Happy: Bigger & Clean Shiny Leaves

Some selective species of Spathiphyllum are commonly known as a peace lilies. This perennial ornamental plant holds a pleasing appearance.

Thus, it grew as one of the favorite houseplants around the world. A peace lily plant can live up to five years with proper care.

However, unfortunately, some deceptive caring routines can’t make that lifespan happier for them. Sometimes, you may find that your peace lily plant suddenly stops growing bigger or the leaves may lose their natural shine.

These disruptions often happen due to some consistent misleading in their growing essentials. Here are some probable causes of why such interruption occurs to your growing peace lily plant along with their possible solution ideas-

Make your peace lily leaves grow big and clean for shiny leaves

How To Make Peace Lily Leaves Bigger?

Peace lily always seems prettier with the big green foliage below the white spathe. If you ever find that your plant leaves are not growing adequately, be certain that you must miss something crucial in their caring routine. Let’s find out what may cause this issue and how to deal with it expertly-

Inadequate Sunlight:


  • If you keep your plant in a dark spot for long
  • When your peace lily plant couldn’t get at least 6 hours of light a day
  • If you keep the plant under artificial light for long


  • Try to place your plant in a bright spot with indirect light
  • Make sure your plant could get 7-8 hours of natural sunlight every day
  • Keep the planter a few ft. away from direct exposure to an open window

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  • If you water your peace lily plant more than twice a week
  • When you don’t use the well-drained growing medium to grow your peace lily
  • If you let the root of peace lily in the soggy medium for long


  • Always use a potting mix with great draining quality
  • Water your plant only once a week with average watering
  • Let the topsoil of 1-2 inches dry between watering sessions

Drought Stress:


  • If you don’t keep the soil consistently moist
  • When you don’t water your growing plant for more than one month
  • If you don’t set the watering schedule relies on the hotness of the weather


  • Always set the watering schedule depending on the heat of the weather
  • As in water your plant often in summer and less during winter and autumn
  • Never let the dry too much for weeks together with underwatering

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Nutrient Deficiency:


  • If your plant doesn’t get enough fertilization
  • When you don’t feed your plant with fertilizer at least once a year
  • If you don’t make the potting soil fertile enough during the plantation


  • Make the soil organically rich during the plantation
  • Feed your plant with a liquid fertilizer that is half of its strength
  • Avoid feeding your plant during an odd season like winter and monsoon

Wrong Planter


  • If your plant has root bound due to gibber pot
  • When you sow the peace lily in a smaller size plant and can’t give the root enough space
  • If your chosen pot doesn’t have properly-working draining holes


  • Pick a pot that is one size bigger than the root ball of your peace lily plant
  • Make sure the pot has drainage holes that are working well
  • Be certain that the root of your plant will never have root bound otherwise it will wilt and stunt the growth soon

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How To Get Shiny Leaves On Peace Lily?

Big or small, each species of peace lily appears classy with gleaming leaves. But sometimes you may find that the foliage of your growing peace lily plant seems dull or less shiny.

Don’t give up on your favorite plant and try these hacks to get back that lost shine back again in the easiest manner-

  • Peace lily plant leaves often look dull due to dust and dirt
  • Big foliage, especially which grown near the sap at the bottom of the stem suffers from this problem the most
  • Try to give your plant leaves a good wash with mild soapy water
  • To do so, prepare a mix with a 1:6 ratio of liquid soap and water
  • Combine the mixture well and dampen a piece of cloth into it
  • Now hold a leaf clearly and wipe it out with the damp cloth
  • Make sure you clean the entire leaf perfectly before going for the other one (to prevent salt build-up)
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the leaves carefully
  • Once you are done, wipe those damp foliage with a dry and clean piece of cloth to avert the water spots forming on the clean leaf-surface

Try this process once a week to increase the natural glow of your peace lily plant in the most inexpensive way.

How to make your peace lily bushy quick care tips

How Do I Make My Peace Lily Bushy?

As the peace lily is an ornamental plant, it always looks great with more foliage and bushiest form. You can enhance the bushy form of your growing peace lily plant by making a few small changes. Such as-

Water Adequately & Mist Occasionally:

  • Never let the potting mix dry completely and water your plant once a week
  • Set the watering level relying on the current weather of your habitat
  • Mist your plant with a sprayer once a week during the summer days
  • Try to apply the misting in a bottom-to-top motion

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Prune Monthly & Feed Once a Month:

  • Prune your growing peace lily plant and trim the unwanted part cautiously
  • Try to cut off the leggy stems also in this process to encourage the new growth of foliage
  • Fertilize your plant once a month, especially during the peak growing month
  • Keep the nitrogen content of your chosen fertilizer to stimulate the foliage growth normally

Choose The Right Spot & Planter:

  • Place your peace lily where it can get bright sunlight for the utmost times of the day
  • Make sure you provide your plant humid, moist, and partially shady climate like a tropical rainforest
  • Repot the plant every two to three years, once it gets established well
  • Pick a planter with 2-3 inches bigger than the previous one and has a good drainage hole

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Give Support Trails & Fix Diseases:

  • Try to give your plant proper support after repotting or once it grows unusually bigger
  • Let the stem stand down straight with a firm trail once you find it struggles to grow
  • Finally, look closely at your plant every day and check whether there is any sign of unhealthiness on it
  • And take proper initiatives to solve that issue if you find any mishap around your plant or its growth rate to hold the bushiest form of the plant for an extended period.

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FAQ: How Often Should a Peace Lily Get Watered?

You can water a peace lily plant once a week during the normal season and every two days during the scorching summer days.

Why The Stem of My Peace Lily Turns Thin?

A peace lily plant can grow with a thin stem or turn thinner day by day due to using low-phosphorus fertilizer for a long. Try to keep the fertilizer well-balanced or the phosphorus content high to avoid the issue.

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