How to Use Eggshells in My Garden: Eggshells for Plants & Birds

We always throw the eggshells in a trash bin after using the white and yolk, which makes tons and tons of shells end in landfills. But do you have any idea how much nutrients those crunchy eggshells hold in themselves? Well, once you realize that an eggshell is a powerhouse of calcium, potassium, and phosphoric … Read more

Can You Eat a Cactus? 9 Safe & Edible Cactus Fruits and Plants


People think that cactus plants are unique, have an extraterrestrial glance, and are just meant for aesthetic appeal or as a desktop pet. But it is surprising to know that most of the cacti are edible if they belong to the true cacti family. True cactus plants and fruits are safe and healthy to eat. … Read more

Best Low Light Tolerant Indoor Plants & Tall Trees

Plants that tolerate low light best house plants and trees

Plants and trees, which thrive greatly in low light are like blessings for indoor gardeners. If your favorite plants can beautifully grow with fertilizer and water with a little bit of light, what else does an indoor gardener wish for? However, you must recognize which plants do well in low-light climates first. Here is a … Read more

How Much Sunlight For My Indoor Plants?

Is light through a window is considered as direct sunlight - no

Sunlight is one of the most significant and basic requirements for a plant. You can’t have a properly thriving plant without offering it adequate sunlight. But, what we often misconstrued is how much and what type of sunlight our plants need to grow perfectly. You can be an expert gardener once you understand this section … Read more

9 Best Flowers & Plants to Attract Bees

How to Attract Bees to Your Garden Quick Tips and Best Flowers

Bees are garden-friendly bugs and they are beneficial too for our plants. So, it is not only the honey factor that makes bees relatable for us, but their obliging qualities for gardening are something we should appreciate immensely. If you want to grab those benefits of bees in your garden, then, learn these simple tricks … Read more

Make Fittonia Bushy: Complete Nerve Plant Care (& FAQ)

How to Take Care of Fittonia - Nerve Plant Care Quick Tips

What’s inside: Fittonia plant care, how to make nerve plant bushy, pruning, and propagation techniques to make it fuller.  Also, quick tips on stripes forever plant care, soil, water, and lighting requirements to promote better growth. Fittonia or nerve plant is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that belongs to the genus of the Acanthus family(Acanthaceae). Despite … Read more

How To Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden:

Ladybugs or lady beetles (ladybirds UK ) are welcomed by every organic gardener to naturally get rid of insect pests. In addition to controlling harmful pests, they are harmless and loved by kids for their graceful appearance. Fine, let’s jump into the quick overview and methods to attract and keep ladybugs in your garden. Lady … Read more

How to Prune a Peace Lily (Pics): Propagation in Water (Plant Care)

How to Prune and Propagate Peace Lily Plants

Peace lilies are one of the favorites for indoor gardeners for their super glossy leaves and lovely flowers. So, let’s have a quick overview and step-by-step ideas for the peace lily plant watering, pruning, and propagation. Contents: How to Prune Peace Lily | How to Propagate Peace Lily | Sunlight Requirements & Watering | Fertilize … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Garden Plants in Summer

How to Protect & Take Care of Your Garden in Harsh Summer

Summers are exciting and bright despite its scorching heat. This single season could reward us with many succulent summer fruits as well as veggies. However, the burning harshness, especially from mid-April to early June, is probably the more dangerous period of summer. And we have to protect our lovely garden from the grasp of fetal … Read more