12 Sweet Flowering Plants That Attract Butterflies: Plant Care

Plants that attract butterflies Butterfly bush Sunflower Butterfly Weed

Whether it is springtime, summer, or winter, butterflies always escalate the beauty of our garden amazingly. These natural pollinators give more visits to your yard when you add some alluring flowering plants to your garden. Butterflies love flowers as they are soft and have better landing pads for them than other forms of nectar sources. … Read more

How To Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden:

Ladybugs or lady beetles (ladybirds UK ) are welcomed by every organic gardener to naturally get rid of insect pests. In addition to controlling harmful pests, they are harmless and loved by kids for their graceful appearance. Fine, let’s jump into the quick overview and methods to attract and keep ladybugs in your garden. Lady … Read more