Drooping & Yellow Leaves: Why & How to Fix a Dying Aglaonema

Reasons for drooping and yellow leaves of aglaonema - how to save dying plant

Aglaonema aka Chinese evergreen is an ornamental houseplant. This species of arum family can thrive in low light and thus, grows easily as a great indoor plant. Drooping Aglaonema: Not enough sunlight and uneven watering (over/underwatering) could drive your plant to droop and die. For wilt and weak leaves move to a bright indirect spot. … Read more

Drooping & Dying Polka Dot: (Fix) Plant Won’t Bloom

My polka dot plant drooping and yellowing leaves

The polka dot plant is a stunner. It is an ornamental species of flowering plant from the Acantharean family. The foliage of this plant has colorful spots, which often combine into larger areas of shades on the leaf surface. This herbaceous, perennial plant has got this name for its variegated color combination on the leaf-shaped … Read more

Why My Poinsettia is Dropping & Dying?(Reasons-Fix)

Why My is Poinsettia Dying - Reasons and Complete Plant Care

Poinsettia is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that symbolizes purity, success, and cheers. This plant can make a great garden plant and houseplant with reasonable care. Poinsettia has been considered a significant plant since the ancient Aztec culture. Even new-age gardeners love this plant as one of the easy-to-grow flowering plants to cultivate. No matter whether … Read more

Quick Tips on How to Save a Dying English Ivy: Brown & Drooping

Browning and drooping English ivy how to revive quick care tips

Dying English Ivy: I your plant is wilting and drooping, it is mostly because of overwatering, placed in a deep low light spot for a long (not enough light). Underwatering and even placing your plant in a container that is small and with saturated potting mix and running out of basic nutrients. Quick fix for … Read more

Make Fittonia Bushy: Complete Nerve Plant Care (& FAQ)

How to Take Care of Fittonia - Nerve Plant Care Quick Tips

What’s inside: Fittonia plant care, how to make nerve plant bushy, pruning, and propagation techniques to make it fuller.  Also, quick tips on stripes forever plant care, soil, water, and lighting requirements to promote better growth. Fittonia or nerve plant is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that belongs to the genus of the Acanthus family(Acanthaceae). Despite … Read more

How to Prune a Peace Lily (Pics): Propagation in Water (Plant Care)

How to Prune and Propagate Peace Lily Plants

Peace lilies are one of the favorites for indoor gardeners for their super glossy leaves and lovely flowers. So, let’s have a quick overview and step-by-step ideas for the peace lily plant watering, pruning, and propagation. Contents: How to Prune Peace Lily | How to Propagate Peace Lily | Sunlight Requirements & Watering | Fertilize … Read more