Save Dying Calathea – Leaves Curling (Fix & Pics)

How to revive my calathea from curling and drying leaves

Calathea is a popular houseplant that’s often used as a hanging basket or in an outdoor planter. It’s a soothing plant with bright green leaves and delicate flowers! But if it starts to die, it can be heartbreaking. Contents: Quick Look Reasons For Curling Leaves | Causes of Curling in Detail | Save a Dying Calathea … Read more

10 Strong Indoor Plants That Can Tolerate Direct Sunlight

Full Sun Bright Light Loving Plants #1 Jade Echeveria Geranium Plants

Taking care of houseplants becomes more effortless when you don’t need to worry about the placing spot of the planter. Plants with low or indirect light requirements always seem tricky to handle due to their specific needs. But houseplants, which can do fine under bright and direct sunlight are easier to look after. You just … Read more

Best Low Light Tolerant Indoor Plants & Tall Trees

Plants that tolerate low light best house plants and trees

Plants and trees, which thrive greatly in low light are like blessings for indoor gardeners. If your favorite plants can beautifully grow with fertilizer and water with a little bit of light, what else does an indoor gardener wish for? However, you must recognize which plants do well in low-light climates first. Here is a … Read more

How Much Sunlight For My Indoor Plants?

Is light through a window is considered as direct sunlight - no

Sunlight is one of the most significant and basic requirements for a plant. You can’t have a properly thriving plant without offering it adequate sunlight. But, what we often misconstrued is how much and what type of sunlight our plants need to grow perfectly. You can be an expert gardener once you understand this section … Read more