10 Drought Tolerant Vegetables for Your Garden

These Garden Vegetables Require Less Water and Drought Tolerant

There’s nothing more rewarding than cultivating a yard full of fresh and healthy vegetables. The best part of growing veggies in your garden is that you don’t need to think about the caring methods immensely. The utmost typical vegetables don’t have special climate requirements to grow. Only a bright atmosphere with a consistent water supply … Read more

Quick Tips on How to Save a Dying English Ivy: Brown & Drooping

Browning and drooping English ivy how to revive quick care tips

Dying English Ivy: I your plant is wilting and drooping, it is mostly because of overwatering, placed in a deep low light spot for a long (not enough light). Underwatering and even placing your plant in a container that is small and with saturated potting mix and running out of basic nutrients. Quick fix for … Read more

9 Quick Tips: How to Take Care of Fittonia/Nerve Plant

How to Take Care of Fittonia - Nerve Plant Care Quick Tips

Fittonia or nerve plant is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that belongs to the genus of an acanthus family(Acanthaceae). Despite being native to the tropical rainforest of South Africa, Fittonia is very easy to take care of, if you know the proper procedure. Here is a simple tutorial for how to take care of Fittonia at … Read more

How to Prune a Peace Lily & Propagate/Split: Quick Care Tips

How to Prune and Propagate Peace Lily Plants

Peace lilies are one of the favorites for indoor gardeners for their super glossy leaves and lovely flowers. So, let’s have a quick overview and step-by-step ideas for the peace lily plant watering, pruning, and propagation. Not just an aesthetic piece that adds greenery to your room, they are fantastic air purifiers too. Running out of … Read more