How Not to Kill: Succulents Quick Care – How Often to Water

Succulents Plant Complete Care - How often to Water

Succulents are one of the favorites for the majority of plant-lovers who choose to grow them as their houseplants for low maintenance and appearance. Succulents store water by themself and they are drought-tolerant by nature, but they do need water. While overwatering can kill your succulents, so be precise and stick to a watering schedule … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Yellowing Leaves (Quick Tips): Care & Propagation

Reasons and Fix for Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig Yellowing Leaves

If you don’t mind spending money on buying expensive houseplants, then, fiddle leaf fig is the best pick for you. A fiddle leaf fig plant can add a splash of nature to your place with its incredibly classy look. Growing and taking care of a healthy fiddle leaf fig plant is not easy like other … Read more

Low Light Tolerant Rubber Plant Care: Ficus Elastica Propagation

How to care for rubber plants indoor

Rubber Plants are acidic soil lovers and prefer bright indirect sunlight and balanced fertilizers once a month. Go for well-drained rich soil which is moist and not soggy, like watering once a week and misting occasionally. Rubber plants (Ficus Elastica/Rubber Tree) can be good houseplants with moderate care and basic gardening requirements. We know that … Read more

Low Light Indoor Plants: Areca Palm Quick Care Ideas

How to Care for Areca Palm Low Light Indoor Plants

Areca palms are kids and pet-safe plants which are easy to care for with less maintenance. It needs acidic soil with good drainage for indoor pots and requires weekly to once every 14 days watering and loves water-soluble fertilizers. The plant tolerates low light but prefers bright indirect light to grow faster and bushy. Moreover, … Read more

Quick Tips on How to Save a Dying English Ivy: Brown & Drooping

Browning and drooping English ivy how to revive quick care tips

Dying English Ivy: I your plant is wilting and drooping, it is mostly because of overwatering, placed in a deep low light spot for a long (not enough light). Underwatering and even placing your plant in a container that is small and with saturated potting mix and running out of basic nutrients. Quick fix for … Read more

Ravishing Red: 9 Plants with Red Leaves (Red & Green)

Red Leaf Plants Easy to Care Plants with Red Leaves and Green Leaves

If you are looking to add some color to your indoor interior then, try out some red foliage plants instead of expensive showpieces. These red leaves indoor plants will renovate the whole look of your house with a tropical touch. The most exciting part of placing red leaves plants in your house is that you … Read more

Giant Indoor Plants With Big Leaves: #9 Large Foliage Houseplants

Plants with Big Leaves - Large Leaf Houseplants Quick Care

9 Best indoor plants with big leaves that beautify your interior – especially for house plant lovers who prefer giant bold leaves. 1 African Mask Plant – 2 Elephant Ear Plant – 3 Majesty Palm – 4 Calathea Orbifolia – 5 Fiddle Leaf Fig – 6 Caladium – 7 Dumb Cane – 8 Ruffled Fan … Read more

How Much Sunlight For My Indoor Plants?

Is light through a window is considered as direct sunlight - no

Sunlight is one of the most significant and basic requirements for a plant. You can’t have a properly thriving plant without offering it adequate sunlight. But, what we often misconstrued is how much and what type of sunlight our plants need to grow perfectly. You can be an expert gardener once you understand this section … Read more