My Peace Lily is Not Blooming: 6 Reasons and Fix

Reasons why my peace lily not flowering again to sunlight needs

The elegant spathes of the peace lily plant are known as the plant’s flowers. These flowers appear absolutely mesmerizing while blooming entirely over the top of shiny green foliage. How many times does a peace lily bloom: Under the perfect condition, your peace lily can bloom twice for every 365days and these flowers last for … Read more

Save An Overwatered Peace Lily: Reasons & Fix for Yellow Leaves

Reasons and Fix on Overwatered Peace Lily

Signs Your Peace Lily is Overwatered: Plant will have stunted growth and drooping leaves along with dark patches and yellowish edges. Leaves curl with brownish hues, rotten roots, mold on the soil surface, and eventually a weak and dull-looking peace lily. How to Revive Your Peace Lily: Bring the plant to a bright place, and … Read more

My Peace Lilies Are With Brown Tips: Reasons & How to Fix

Reasons and Fix Peace lily brown tips how to care for leaves turning brown

The peace lily is yet another beautiful garden flower that can emphasize the whole look of your yard attractively. But, brown tips on a peace lily are discouraging for any gardener, who wants to keep their houseplant always healthy. If you are suffering from such a crisis, then check out these useful tips on how … Read more

How to Prune a Peace Lily (Pics): Propagation in Water (Plant Care)

How to Prune and Propagate Peace Lily Plants

Peace lilies are one of the favorites for indoor gardeners for their super glossy leaves and lovely flowers. So, let’s have a quick overview and step-by-step ideas for the peace lily plant watering, pruning, and propagation. Contents: How to Prune Peace Lily | How to Propagate Peace Lily | Sunlight Requirements & Watering | Fertilize … Read more