Top Low-Light Succulents That Are Super Pretty to Peek

10 Best Low Light Succulents for Indoors and Shade Area Cactus

Low-light plants are a boon for home gardeners. Succulent houseplants are the flavor of the season for contemporary gardeners. So, growing low-light succulents won’t be a dumb idea, what do you say? Succulents are naturally hardy and have the power of low maintenance. However, you must consider that low light doesn’t refer to no light … Read more

Happy Desk: 12 Best Keep Calm Plants for Your Office

12 Best Office Plants for Your Desk Reduce Stress and Increase Focus

Like our houses, even the office interior should be decorated with some useful objects. What would be more delightful than a beautiful houseplant on your desk or corner of the cabin? A beautiful and growing houseplant in an office room can peak your mood, inspire you for everyday work, and clean up the air of … Read more

Low Light Tolerant Rubber Plant Care: Ficus Elastica Propagation

How to care for rubber plants indoor

Rubber Plants are acidic soil lovers and prefer bright indirect sunlight and balanced fertilizers once a month. Go for well-drained rich soil which is moist and not soggy, like watering once a week and misting occasionally. Rubber plants (Ficus Elastica/Rubber Tree) can be good houseplants with moderate care and basic gardening requirements. We know that … Read more

Low Light Indoor Plants: Areca Palm Quick Care Ideas

How to Care for Areca Palm Low Light Indoor Plants

Areca palms are kids and pet-safe plants which are easy to care for with less maintenance. It needs acidic soil with good drainage for indoor pots and requires weekly to once every 14 days watering and loves water-soluble fertilizers. The plant tolerates low light but prefers bright indirect light to grow faster and bushy. Moreover, … Read more

Quick Tips on How to Save a Dying English Ivy: Brown & Drooping

Browning and drooping English ivy how to revive quick care tips

Dying English Ivy: I your plant is wilting and drooping, it is mostly because of overwatering, placed in a deep low light spot for a long (not enough light). Underwatering and even placing your plant in a container that is small and with saturated potting mix and running out of basic nutrients. Quick fix for … Read more

Best Low Light Tolerant Indoor Plants & Tall Trees

Plants that tolerate low light best house plants and trees

Plants and trees, which thrive greatly in low light are like blessings for indoor gardeners. If your favorite plants can beautifully grow with fertilizer and water with a little bit of light, what else does an indoor gardener wish for? However, you must recognize which plants do well in low-light climates first. Here is a … Read more