Prickly Yet Cute: 12 Best Plants With Spiky Leaves

12 Best Plants With Spiky Leaves For Indoor and Outdoor Garden Hojas Puntiagudas

Spiky houseplants come with an exclusive architectural view. Thus, if you are planning to adorn your house in a motivating way without spending too much money, growing plants with spiky leaves are the best idea for you. Besides their super exclusive look, these plants are experts in enhancing the security of your indoor garden as … Read more

How to Make Philodendron Grow Fuller, Faster & Bigger (Pics)

Contents: 1. Growth rate of philodendron 2. Clean Shiny Leaves 3. Make it grow faster, quick care tips 4. How to make philodendron fuller – Bushy Philodendron 5. Make Leaves Bigger. How fast do philodendrons grow? & FAQ Overview: Philodendron is one more ornamental plant from the Araceae family that grows easily as a houseplant. … Read more

Giant Indoor Plants With Big Leaves: #9 Large Foliage Houseplants

Plants with Big Leaves - Large Leaf Houseplants Quick Care

9 Best indoor plants with big leaves that beautify your interior – especially for house plant lovers who prefer giant bold leaves. 1 African Mask Plant – 2 Elephant Ear Plant – 3 Majesty Palm – 4 Calathea Orbifolia – 5 Fiddle Leaf Fig – 6 Caladium – 7 Dumb Cane – 8 Ruffled Fan … Read more