Top Low-Light Succulents That Are Super Pretty to Peek

10 Best Low Light Succulents for Indoors and Shade Area Cactus

Low-light plants are a boon for home gardeners. Succulent houseplants are the flavor of the season for contemporary gardeners. So, growing low-light succulents won’t be a dumb idea, what do you say? Succulents are naturally hardy and have the power of low maintenance. However, you must consider that low light doesn’t refer to no light … Read more

My Sweetheart Hoya kerrii Leaves Turning Yellow (Reasons & Fix)

Why my sweetheart hoy kerrii leaves are turning yellow reasons and fix

Sweetheart hoya or hoya Kerrii is a highly noted succulent due to its exclusive heart-shaped texture. Native to southeast Asia, this plant could be a great indoor plant for its easy maintenance value. The perfect heart shape of this tropical luscious vine brings many other interesting names to it, including the valentine plant. Here are … Read more

How Not to Kill: Succulents Quick Care – How Often to Water

Succulents Plant Complete Care - How often to Water

Succulents are one of the favorites for the majority of plant-lovers who choose to grow them as their houseplants for low maintenance and appearance. Succulents store water by themself and they are drought-tolerant by nature, but they do need water. While overwatering can kill your succulents, so be precise and stick to a watering schedule … Read more

Why Is My Donkey’s Tail Plant Turning Yellow: Revive Burro’s Tail

How to Fix a Dying Donkey's tail Succulent Png

A donkey’s tail (Sedum morganianum) is a beautiful ornamental succulent. It grows best vertically in a hanging basket or dangling planter. This perennial succulent belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to the southern part of Mexico country. It produces trailing stems in a bluish-green shade and blooms with pink to red blossoms sometimes. … Read more

How To Save An Overwatered Succulent (Signs & Fix)

Steps to Revive your Over Watered Succulents

Succulents are the most low-maintenance houseplants that can provide you with an exotic desert look with minimal caring. A thriving succulent appears mesmerizing in any corner of your house. Unfortunately, these houseplants could ruin the entire view of your place while appearing in dry or rotten forms. Overwater in the commonest causes always works behind … Read more

My Jade Plant Leaves Are Falling Off: Reasons & Complete Care

Jade plants are sun-loving succulents and prefer well-draining loamy acidic soil. Cactus potting mix and occasional watering and addressing bugs and mites with rubbing alcohol and neem oil will keep your jade plants healthy. This way with proper care and optimal watering you can prevent jade plant leaves from falling off and can live for … Read more