Leggy? Growing Clean Bushy Rubber Plants (Bigger & Faster)

How to make your rubber plant grow bigger leaves faster - Quick Tips

Rubber plants are one of the popular ornamental houseplants for their big-foliage appearance. This quick-grower plant needs only some basic growing rudiments, which are totally effortless for a gardener to put up. These sorts of ornamental plants always seem attractive with their vigorous form. To grasp that, you must bring out their best appearance through … Read more

Save An Overwatered Rubber Plant: Quick Tips

How to Save an overwatered rubber plant step by step

It is definitely a great choice to cultivate a rubber plant to embellish your home interior with greens. However, sometimes, any negligence in your caring regimen could bring an unpleasant outcome to your plant. Overwatering is one of the most emblematic causes that could kill a rubber plant within a few days. If you plan … Read more

Low Light Tolerant Rubber Plant Care: Ficus Elastica Propagation

How to care for rubber plants indoor

Rubber Plants are acidic soil lovers and prefer bright indirect sunlight and balanced fertilizers once a month. Go for well-drained rich soil which is moist and not soggy, like watering once a week and misting occasionally. Rubber plants (Ficus Elastica/Rubber Tree) can be good houseplants with moderate care and basic gardening requirements. We know that … Read more