My Peace Lilies Are With Brown Tips: Reasons & How to Fix

The peace lily is yet another beautiful garden flower that can emphasize the whole look of your yard attractively. But, brown tips on a peace lily are discouraging for any gardener, who wants to keep their houseplant always healthy.

If you are suffering from such a crisis, then check out these useful tips on how to control and get rid of those brown tips on your peace lily easily like a pro.

Your peace lily plant leaves turn brown because of overwatering, over fertilization, over sun-exposure, poor drainage, humidity and hard water.

Treatments like proper watering with moisture check, reduced fertilizer usage, partial shade, misting, pruning old leaves and flushing of soil from salts and calcium deposits will help your plants recover and stay fresh.

Reasons for Brown Tips on Your Peace LilyPeace Lily Brown Leaves Causes and Solutions

Reasons: Why Your Peace Lilies Get Brown Tips?

Before getting rid of brown tips on a peace lily plant, you must know why they show up on your favorite flowering plant. This will help you to clear the problem from its root. Here are the most typical causes of brown tips on a peace lily plant-


Stop over-fertilizing your peace lily plants right away. You must remember that peace lilies take their food not only from fertilizer but also from other essentials like sunlight, water, etc.

So, when you over-fertilize them, it causes necrotic to the leaves and provides unwanted margins on your plants. Follow these tips while fertilizing your peace lily plants-

  • Use liquid fertilizer
  • Go for a half dose at a time instead of full feeding
  • And always water your plant after fertilizing, to make the food evenly spread between the roots.

Reasons and Fix Peace lily brown tips how to care for leaves turning brown

Improper Watering:

Water usage of peace lily always works as the key reason for brown tips on them. So, if you want to keep your peace lily plant away from the touch of brown tips, you have to follow a perfect watering process to your plant.

Overwater and underwater both are equally bad for your peace lily plant, hence, look for the proper irrigation instead of going for overwatering or underwatering.

Overwatering will allow salt buildup in your plants, while underwatering will make the plant unhealthy and able to fight chronic plant problems like brown tips. To water your plants, follow these tips-

  • Water your plants carefully from top to bottom
  • Peace lily plant will droop when it feels thirsty, look for the signs and water your plant that time only
  • Check for the proper drainage system and make sure that your plant removes all the excess water properly after watering

Other Pests and Diseases:

Some pests and common diseases can disturb the growth of your peace lily plant by instigating brown tips on them. You need to maintain a healthy check-up of your peace lily plants after every few days.

They may not be the direct reason for brown tips but, keeping them inattentive for long can inspire this problem to the leaves of your favorite garden plant for sure.

Some common pests that may hamper your peace lily plant in this regard are- spiders, mealybugs, scale, mites, etc. while the common diseases are Spathiphyllum, Phytophthora parasitica, etc. To deal with such problems, you should follow these rules-

  • Use clean and fresh soil for the plantation of your peace lily plants
  • Check for any kind of pests on the leaf and stems of your peace lily plants regularly
  • Clean the leaves of your peace lily plant with a wet piece of cloth once a week
  • Prune once a month and cut off any leaf that seems unhealthy to you

Peace lily care and propagation

How to Get Rid of Brown Tips from Your Peace Lily Plants:

1. Stop OverWatering:

Watering your peace lily is the most crucial step you need to follow to keep them away from brown tips. Make sure you water your peace lily only when it wants to get hydrated by indicating proper signs.

Stop watering once you realize that the entire plant is hydrated perfectly and let the excess water drain off properly for the best experience.

Let the top few inches of soil get dry or use a moisture meter to gauge before watering your plants.

2. Prune off Brown Tips:

Once you find that brown tips occur to your beautiful peace lily plant, prune those infected leaves immediately.

Also, try to trim off any unhealthy shriveled or yellow foliage from your peace lily plant, as they can spread the problem around and increase the brown tips initially.

If a small portion of your leaf got a brown tip, just snip off the part with a scissor carefully.

3. No Hard or Soft Water:

Good watering is also essential to get rid of brown tips on the peace lilies. Use normal water to clean up and hydrate your garden peace lily impeccably.

Hard water will deposit calcium in the soil, similarly, soft water increases sodium levels in the soil. So check for your water TDS and ph levels.

Choose filtered water to clean the dirt and unhealthy leaves of your plant, this may discourage the brown tips problem at its primary stage.


4. Mist Your Peace Lily:

Peace lily plant doesn’t want too much sunlight to thrive. Sometimes, putting them under direct sunlight may cause some brown tips on the leaves.

Put your plant in a place where it can get complete or partial shade with indirect sunlight. It will provide a healthy climate to your plant and reduce the possibility of brown tips easily.

Mist your peace lily leaves to help them cool down in summer and for respiration and nutrient absorption.

Peace Lily Plant Care for Brown Leaves
Peace Lily Plant Care for Brown Leaves

How to Care For Browning Leaves and Tips of Peace Lily:

  • Choose a planter with the perfect drainage system
  • Always use fresh potting soil to plant your peace lily plant that doesn’t retain water for long
  • Use Water-soluble fertilizer that is good for houseplants to grow your peace lily healthily
  • A Balanced fertilizer of one-half strength diluted is the best for peace lily with a stable 20-20-20 ratio
  • Peace lily plants are medium feeders thus, fertilize them only one time after 2 or 3 months
  • Water the plant after planting properly and place the planter in a partially shady spot in your house
  • A north-facing window would be the best place to let your peace lily drag sunlight adequately
  • Clean the leaves of a thriving peace lily often and keep them clean from dirt or dust completely
  • Prune off dead blooms and stalks immediately from your growing peace lily plant, once they start discoloring or they will hamper other healthy parts of the plants too
  • Use garden tools instead for pruning them with your hands unprofessionally, and go for the disinfected garden tool as well
  • You can even cut off only the spotted portion of brown tips, instead of pruning the entire leaf or stem, if it is slightly infected
  • Try to cut off the stem close to the crown of the plant for some peace lily plants, especially which are planted in the garden directly rather than a planter
  • Check for the humidity issues and solve them as soon as possible by providing a tropical climate to your peace lily plant
  • And maintain a temperature between 60-65 degrees F to provide your favorite garden plant the best thriving environment.
Peace Lily Browning Tips Leaves Turning Brown
Peace Lily Browning Tips Leaves Turning Brown

Caution Signs Your Peace Lily Will Turn Brown:

Some clear indications that your peace lily plant is about to get brown tips are like-

  • If you keep them in a completely shady or dark corner of your room for long
  • Your peace lily plant doesn’t like stress or improper care. If you keep it under stress for long, it will start changing shape
  • Also deformed or wilted leaves can indicate peace brown tips on peace lily
  • The color of the plant will morph, into brown or even yellow before turning the completely dark brown tip
  • When you got more and more dead flowers earlier before time, you may have brown tips on your peace lily plant soon
  • And the stem will start turning brown as well, once the flowers would fade

So, look out for these steps, maintain them, and be a pro in growing peace lilies in your yard effortlessly.

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How to Get Rid Of Peace Lily Brown Tips on Leaves

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