9 Quick Ways to Attract Earthworms to Your Garden

How to attract get earthworms to your organic garden

Earthworms are like a boon to the garden soil, as their digging and casting activities are greatly beneficial for the quality of your garden. That’s why earthworm casting is called black gold by organic farmers/gardeners. A healthy population of earthworms in your garden results in better texture and soil structure and nutrient-rich soil. Also, earthworm … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Garden Plants in Summer

How to Protect & Take Care of Your Garden in Harsh Summer

Summers are exciting and bright despite its scorching heat. This single season could reward us with many succulent summer fruits as well as veggies. However, the burning harshness, especially from mid-April to early June, is probably the more dangerous period of summer. And we have to protect our lovely garden from the grasp of fetal … Read more

7 Nitrogen Boosting Rich Organic Wastes for Your Compost & Soil

Nitrogen is the essential and major nutrient for your plants to thrive and grow healthy. While nitrogen deficiency could drive your plants toward fatal consequences. How Nitrogen Impacts Soil and Plant Growth Does adding nitrogen help plants grow? Nitrogen helps your plants in lush and green growth as it is the key component of chlorophyll. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Horsetail Weed? 3 Ways Not To Kill Grass

How to get rid of invasive horsetail weeds on lawn quick care tips

Horsetail Weed/ Equisetum arvense is a vigorous weed that grows in your grass lawn and garden. It grows deep roots tunneling up to 3-7 feet. Also, widespread roots make this plant perennial and persisting in nature. Even if you remove it, it can regrow from its parts, spores, and from deep-rooted rhizomes. In other words, … Read more

How to Plant Grass Seed: Step by Step Lawn Care

A beautiful greenish lawn is always relaxing. Apart from the reasons, be it the status symbol or aesthetic pleasure, growing lawns instead of paving concrete means a green thumb. As organically fertilized and grown lawn is good for our environment and us Reduces the carbon footprint Purifies and improves air quality Prevents soil erosion and … Read more