4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dandelions: Without Chemicals

Every year the dandelions welcome you in the spring season with their golden-yellow flowers. Yet, being medicinal and non-noxious they are negatively marketed as a weed in the last hundred years. Be it children or a grown-up still, you will love to blow the dandelion puffballs (pappus) and catch its seed to make a wish. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Horsetail Weed? 3 Ways Not To Kill Grass

How to get rid of invasive horsetail weeds on lawn quick care tips

Horsetail Weed/ Equisetum arvense is a vigorous weed that grows in your grass lawn and garden. It grows deep roots tunneling up to 3-7 feet. Also, widespread roots make this plant perennial and persisting in nature. Even if you remove it, it can regrow from its parts, spores, and from deep-rooted rhizomes. In other words, … Read more