Banana Peel Water & Carbonated Water for Plants

Benefits of using Banana Peel Water for Plants How to Use

Banana Peel Water for Your Plants: Banana peel water is one more useful option you can consider here to nutrify your plant organically. However, it has some drawbacks and consequences along with nutritional value. Note Banana peel water cant be used as a complete fertilizer for your plants. Banana peel water is like an additional … Read more

African Violets Quick Care Tips: Fertilizer Needs & Propagation

Quick Care Tips for African Violets Fertilizer Needs

African violets are one beautiful houseplant that grows lovely flowers in clusters in different vibrant shades including violet ones. If you are planning to cultivate flowering houseplants, go for this easy-to-grow without thinking twice. This herbaceous perennial plant can add an exotic tropical essence to your place when fully grown. Here are some growing tips … Read more

9 Tested Homemade Organic Plant Foods: Liquid & Solid Fertilizers

Best Organic Homemade Plant Foods Natural Fertilizers for Garden Plants & Vegetables

Best Organic Plant Foods Liquid and Solid: Coffee grounds for nitrogen and soil texture, banana to boost flowering with potassium, ca, and phosphorous, dried eggshells for slow release of calcium and improve soil, grass clippings for nitrogen, and mulching.  Compost tea & green tea promotes microorganisms, and are good for easy nutrient intake by plants, … Read more

7 Nitrogen Boosting Rich Organic Wastes for Your Compost & Soil

Nitrogen is the essential and major nutrient for your plants to thrive and grow healthy. While nitrogen deficiency could drive your plants toward fatal consequences. How Nitrogen Impacts Soil and Plant Growth Does adding nitrogen help plants grow? Nitrogen helps your plants in lush and green growth as it is the key component of chlorophyll. … Read more