Save Dying Calathea – Leaves Curling (Fix & Pics)

How to revive my calathea from curling and drying leaves

Calathea is a popular houseplant that’s often used as a hanging basket or in an outdoor planter. It’s a soothing plant with bright green leaves and delicate flowers! But if it starts to die, it can be heartbreaking. Contents:¬†Quick Look Reasons For Curling Leaves | Causes of Curling in Detail | Save a Dying Calathea … Read more

Likes Sun or Shade? Save a Dying Umbrella Plant (Reasons & Fix)

Why My Schefflera is Wilting How to Save a Dying Plant

Want to give your house interior a dash of bold tropical glance, Schefflera is the best choice for you. A Schefflera aka umbrella plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that is easy to cultivate in a normal home climate. The best part is that a Schefflera plant even can tolerate a little negligence from a gardener … Read more

Shamrock Plant Care: Revive a Dying Oxalis Plant (+Propagation)

Shamrock Oxalis Plant Care

Shamrock plants are one unique-looking sprig that contains ample different species in its single category. Some species of this plant grow easily in a pot due to being small specimens. Dying Shamrock Plant: Your Shamrock plant needs a resting period, so don’t feel as if your plant is dying. Give it some time and let … Read more

Why My Poinsettia is Dropping & Dying?(Reasons-Fix)

Why My is Poinsettia Dying - Reasons and Complete Plant Care

Poinsettia is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that symbolizes purity, success, and cheers. This plant can make a great garden plant and houseplant with reasonable care. Poinsettia has been considered a significant plant since the ancient Aztec culture. Even new-age gardeners love this plant as one of the easy-to-grow flowering plants to cultivate. No matter whether … Read more

Why My Rosemary is Dying: Reasons & Fix

Reasons for a dying rosemary herb plant

Salvia Rosmarinus aka rosemary is a noted flowering shrub. This plant is immensely popular for its medicinal properties. Apart from its therapeutic benefits, rosemary plants provide an abstract beauty, especially when blooming. Needle-like leaves grow in stalks and produce vibrant tiny flowers in clusters. Blossoms could cultivate in plenty of bright shades, such as purple, … Read more

How To Save An Overwatered Succulent (Signs & Fix)

Steps to Revive your Over Watered Succulents

Succulents are the most low-maintenance houseplants that can provide you with an exotic desert look with minimal caring. A thriving succulent appears mesmerizing in any corner of your house. Unfortunately, these houseplants could ruin the entire view of your place while appearing in dry or rotten forms. Overwater in the commonest causes always works behind … Read more

How to Revive My Dying Portulaca (Reasons & Fix)

Reasons for Dying Portulaca How to Revive

Portulaca is a stunning flowering plant. This edible perennial species produces vibrant flowers in various bright shades. It is native to the Uruguay of Argentina and is also known as moss rose on some continents. This is basically a succulent that grows multicolored blossoms in medium-sized spreading form. You can cultivate this succulent anywhere in … Read more

From Limp to Lush: Aloe Vera Root Rot Reasons & Fix (Pics)

How to Save a Dying Aloe Vera from Root Rot

Aloe vera is undoubtedly a magnificent herb with some magical properties. Its easy-to-maintain excellence makes this one a quick pick for plenty of indoor gardeners. However, sometimes, a few misconceptions in their caring regimen could drive root rot in your favorite plant. Cherished aloe vera, a resilient symbol of nature’s wonders, facing an invisible adversary … Read more

Why My Money Tree is Dying? How to Revive (Signs & Fix)

The money plant or Pachira Aquatica aka money tree is a stunning ornamental plant. Apart from its exotic looks, people often pick this plant as their houseplant due to its low-maintenance quality. However, some major disarrangements in their growing circumstance could kill a healthy money tree rapidly. Sometimes you will find that your growing money … Read more

Dying Maidenhair Fern: Quick Care & Propagation

Maidenhair Fern Plant Care

Maidenhair fern plants are thrity and love humidity and moisture. So water them in regularly and misting them will clear dust, pests and help in humidity too. Yellow leaves and stunted grown can occur with poor lighting too. So place near a window with enough bright indirect light for 5hours. Also do trial and error … Read more