Why My Fern Leaves Are Curling: Reasons and Fix

Why My Fern Leaves Are Curling Reasons and Fix

Ferns come with tons of different species in their one receptacle. Most of the fern species need similar types of caring regimens. They usually require soberly warm temperatures, high humidity, a bright environment, and plenty of water to thrive with shiny, pointy fronds. Any kind of conciliation in these essential needs can drive unhealthy foliage … Read more

Dying Maidenhair Fern: Quick Care & Propagation

Maidenhair Fern Plant Care

Maidenhair fern plants are thrity and love humidity and moisture. So water them in regularly and misting them will clear dust, pests and help in humidity too. Yellow leaves and stunted grown can occur with poor lighting too. So place near a window with enough bright indirect light for 5hours. Also do trial and error … Read more