Root Rot in My Dracaena Plants: (Identify & Fix)

How to care for Dracaena Plant in root rot

Dracaena is a succulent shrub that provides an unavoidable charm to your place when grown as a houseplant. This plant belongs to the asparagus family and holds an incredibly dense root system. Dracaena is one of the cool indoor plants which forgive for your maintenance mistakes. It can tolerate low light but slow growth, while … Read more

How You Can Fix Root Rot in Aloe Vera

How to Save a Dying Aloe Vera from Root Rot

Aloe vera is undoubtedly a magnificent herb with some magical properties. Its easy-to-maintain excellence makes this one a quick pick for plenty of indoor gardeners. However, sometimes, a few misconceptions in their caring regimen could drive root rot in your favorite plant. Basically, the intricate root system of this herb is vulnerable. Probably that’s why … Read more