Why My Money Tree is Dying? How to Revive (Signs & Fix)

The money plant or Pachira Aquatica aka money tree is a stunning ornamental plant. Apart from its exotic looks, people often pick this plant as their houseplant due to its low-maintenance quality.

However, some major disarrangements in their growing circumstance could kill a healthy money tree rapidly. Sometimes you will find that your growing money plant could face some chronic unhealthy issues like yellowing leaves, dropping leaves, root rots, etc.

These signs often lead your plant to a deadly outcome, if you don’t pay attention in time. Thus, here we suggest some imperative tips on this matter about how to revive a dying money tree proficiently with some smart hacks-

Reasons and symptoms and how to fix a dying money tree of root rot
How to fix a dying money tree

Why Your Money Plant Is Dying

Some typical causes of a dying money plant are like-

  • Root rot
  • Root bound
  • Unpruned condition
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Low light condition
  • Improper soil moisture
  • Unsuitable humidity
  • And untreated pests or bugs issue

How to Fix and Revive Your Money Tree

If you want to stop the fatal consequence of your money tree and fix it before it’s getting too late, try to resolve each issue of dying attentively. Here we come up with the best 10 tips on how you can fix a dying money tree like a pro without any extra hassles in your gardening schedule, let’s check them out quickly-

  1. Fix Root Rot For A Healthy Root System:

Root rot plays the key of a dying money tree. So, you must look after the root system of your growing plant considerately. A growing plant gives clear signs of unhealthy roots, catch those signs quickly and fix them accordingly. To prevent and avoid root rot in a money tree, you can try these tricks-

  • Take out the entire plant from its current planter
  • Clean the soil-bound and trim the leggy roots
  • Repot it carefully in a new planter with a whole new potting mix

How to fix root rot in money tree

  1. Choose The Planter Well:

Improper planter sometimes gives a bad experience in growing money tree sessions. Hence, try to pick the planter that is suitable for the root size of your plant. You should always remember some tips in this regard while picking a planter for your inhouse money plant, such as-

  • Choose a planter that is only 1-2 inches bigger than the root balls
  • Make sure the planter has a proper drainage system
  • It is made of good materials that can save the roots from the unfitting outer climate well
  1. Prune in Time:

Pruning is essential to keep your plant healthy and moderately grown. Try to trim off any unhealthy leaves as well as stem out of your plant, as soon as you detect them on your money tree. Some notable tips you must focus on before pruning a money tree are-

  • Always use disinfected or sterilized pruner
  • Keep the pruning schedule consistent like once a month or every other month
  • Cut off any yellow, brown, crunchy, wilting leaves from your plant immediately after detecting
  1. Check for the Proper Climate:

Money tree couldn’t bare improper climate during their entire growing session. Try to provide your plant with a moderately warm temperature with low-to-medium humidity to keep its thriving rate consistent.

Any sort of imbalance in the humidity level, as well as growing temperature, could lend you to an unpleasant outcome for sure. Some basic tips in this attempt are-

  • Maintain a temperature between 55° F to 78° F constantly
  • Make sure the humidity level stays between 30% to 50%
  • And place your plant away from open window drafts
  1. Fertilize As Needed:

If you find any symptom of nutrient deficiency in your plant, start feeding it immediately with preferable plant food. The money tree is not a high feeder, but sometimes they need fertilization to fulfill its basic nutrient requirements.

So, it won’t be bad if you can fertilize your money plant once a month. Some basic tips in this regard-

  • Pick water-soluble fertilizer to feed a money plant
  • You can pick all-purpose liquid fertilizer to use here
  • Otherwise, plain homemade organic liquid plant food like compost tea, green tea, etc. works equally well in such matters
  1. Provide Proper Light:

Money plant wants bright but indirect sunlight to thrive well. but its light requirements sometimes vary depending on its thriving conditions. If you find that your growing money tree is dying, try to place it under direct sunlight for a couple of days. Here are some other useful tips on how to provide proper sunlight to a money tree-

  • Keep the planter away from direct sunlight during the afternoon, especially in summer
  • Place your plant in a spot of the house where it can get 7-8 hours of bright but indirect light a day
  • Once you feel that the leaves of your plant seem to fade a bit, place your plant in the shade for a whole day, before bringing it out again
  1. Pick the Perfect Soil:

Money plant is quite particular about their growing medium. So, you must be cautious while picking soil or potting mix to grow a braided money tree.

Make sure the soil can drain well, be fertile enough, and at the same time airy adequately to give the roots a perfect condition to thrive. Some basic tips in this regard are-

  • Prepare the potting soil with ingredients that enhance the draining quality naturally
  • Horticulture charcoal, perlite, sand, pebbles, etc. are more useful here
  • And apply a layer of peat moss or sphagnum moss to keep the pH level balanced as well
  1. Be Attentive in Watering Methods:

Inadequate moisture could be a valid reason behind a dying money tree. Try to be very alert about the proper water requirements of your growing money tree and water only accordingly.

Remember that too much water can make the soil soggy and rot the roots unavoidably. Try to follow these tricks about the watering schedule of a dying money tree to fix it usefully-

  • Go for a deep and infrequent watering schedule
  • Wait till the top soil turn moderately dry before watering
  • And try to keep the soil surface consistently moist but not water-logged ever
  1. Keep Safe from Insects:

The big and glossy foliage of the money tree attracts bugs and insects easily. Thus, you must be attentive to your growing plant and get rid of any infestation of such nuisance at their first appearance.

Remember that these pests not only eat the leaves or stems of your plant but also, sucks the nutrients from the saps. Some tips to keep the common pests of the money tree away are-

  • Give your plant a good wash with soapy water once a week
  • Trim off any bitten or infested part from your plat immediately and
  • Apply a homemade spray of neem oil from head to toe of your plant to keep it safe from their grasp permanently
  1. Give A Regular Visit:

A regular and consistent visit to your plant would be the best medicine to keep it healthy as well as away from dying again. All you need to do is just follow these simple tricks and be the owner of a healthy as well as gorgeous braided money tree for years-

  • Scrutinize your tree every day at a fixed time
  • Rotate your plant once a while and check the drainage system often
  • Replant your tree once every 2-3 years

After focusing on all these tips and applying them accurately to your plant, you may be able to save your dying money tree successfully from its inevitable consequence.

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