My Peace Lily is Not Blooming: 6 Reasons and Fix

The elegant spathes of the peace lily plant are known as the plant’s flowers. These flowers appear absolutely mesmerizing while blooming entirely over the top of shiny green foliage.

How many times does a peace lily bloom: Under the perfect condition, your peace lily can bloom twice for every 365days and these flowers last for weeks together. If your plant is struggling to achieve a bloom, this post is for you.

If you are growing a peace lily plant in your house, it is definitely for its pretty blossoms. Thus, it is totally fathomable when you seem eager to see your plant blooming.

However, sometimes you may find that your peace lily is not producing flowers in its expected time. This time most of the gardeners seem perplexed and wonder what is right to make their plants bloom again!

So, let’s not be worried anymore and acquire how to deal with this problem like an expert-

Why Is My Peace Lily Not Blooming?

Reasons why my peace lily not flowering again to sunlight needs

Like the not-blooming issue of other plants, peace lily also goes through some unsuitable growing conditions. Such improper circumstances drag your plant into the zone of not-blooming. Here we refer to the possible causes of this issue along with their appropriate remedies. Let’s learn them quickly and get rid of this pain of not blooming eternally-


Nutrient Deficiency:

Peace lily plants are moderate feeders but always steadily need their basic growing nutrients. If you don’t feed your plant adequately, it will soon start having nutrient deficiency and enter into the zone of not-blooming unavoidably.

Improper Light:

The biggest challenge of keeping a growing peace lily plant healthy is to provide it with a certain amount of sunlight. This kind of flowering houseplant needs bright indirect light like the morning sun. if your plant can’t get such an amount of light, it will stop producing flowers for sure.

Unsuitable Climate:

Peace lily plants are also particular about their growing climate. If you can’t provide them with a suitable condition to thrive, they start to suffer from several issues. Stunt-blooming is the most typical consequence of this mismanagement.

Drought Stress:

Your growing peace lily plant needs enough water to thrive and stay nourished. Remember that your plant can’t stand underwater conditions even for a small frame of time. So, if your plant will get drought stress, it will surely have this not-blooming crisis in the end.

Seasonal Issue:

Seasonal shock is one more section you should look for when finding your plant is not blooming expectedly. Peace lily plants usually bloom all through the year. However, some species produce flowers only at a particular tie of the year. So, if your find that your plant isn’t blooming in time without leaving any logical trace, it may be because of a seasonal issue.


Like humans, even peace lily plants have their limits of production. A peace lily plant may live up to 5-6 years. If you find that your plant stops producing flowers after a certain year, it may be because it has reached its peak age. Thus, stop expecting any blooms from the old plant and cultivate a new set instantly.

How to Make Your Peace Lily Bloom

How to Make My Peace Lily Bloom FIx to Flowering Issue

If your plant is not flowering for a longer period despite providing all types of growing essentials, your plant must go through any mishandling in its caring regimen. You have to find and solve the issue accurately to revive the blooming quality of your plant again.

Once you find you’re your plant stops producing flowers, try these hacks immediately and witness the charming effects of these tricks instantaneously-


  • Start feeding your plant with a balanced fertilizer immediately
  • Choose water-soluble commercial houseplant fertilizers to get the fastest result

Hydrate Enough:

  • Water your plant exactly after fertilization and water it every 3-4 days (depends upon climate and planter)
  • Never keep your plant underwater for more than 5 consequent days

Bring Into Light:

  • Bring your plant into a whole light area immediately
  • Rotate the planter once every 3 days to provide enough amount of bright light to every corner of the plant

Lift The Temperature:

  • Make sure your plant could have a steady warm temperature of about 65° F or more
  • Use an artificial humidifier and warmer to prepare the climate accordingly

Let The Season Pass:

  • Don’t expect blooming during winter or early springtime
  • Let the actual blooming season come for your selected species to get proper blooming

Prune on Time:

  • Trim off any unwanted deadly parts from your plant with a disinfected pruner
  • Let the new buds get enough space to form into the proper spathe

Keep Your Peace Lily Healthy and Start Flowering

If you bring a new peace lily plant to your house, simply try these meek yet consistent caring methods regularly. These tips will not only make your peace lily plant bloom fester but also keep them away from the problem of stunt-blooming perpetually-

Good Potting Mix

Go for equal proportions (25% of each) of gardening soil, coco peat, vermicompost, and perlite to get a well drainable and rich potting mix

Feed Adequately:

  • Feed your plant every 3-4 weeks with a balanced fertilizer
  • Use any market-based commercial plant food and try it in a 20-20-20 NPK ratio
  • Always dilute the fertilizer to one-half or one-quarter strength before applying

Water Properly:

  • Avoid normal tap water and use filtered/clean water to hydrate your peace lilies (chances of chlorine and harmful chemicals)
  • Water your plant every 3 days and mint your plant once every month
  • Make sure the excess water is draining well every time after watering

Provide Best Growing Condition:

  • Provide a warm condition to your plant consistently between 65° to 85° F
  • Make sure the temperature never goes below 60° or above 90° F
  • Keep your plant safe from both extra cool and extra hot conditions throughout the entire growing session

Give Enough Light:

  • Give 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight to your growing plant every day
  • Provide your peace lily sun with partial shade to give bright but indirect light
  • Make sure your plant can get protection from the scorching midday sun

Keep Calm Let Nature Do the Job:

  • Wait till the actual blooming season comes
  • Have patience until the hardy seasons pass to your plant blooming again
  • Accept the fact of aging and go for the new piece once your plant reaches its utmost blooming age.

So, be attentive towards your growing peace lily plants. provide enough care and take proper initiatives in time to hold the normal blooming form of your beautiful flowering plant everlastingly.

FAQ: Peace Lily Not Flowering

What Are Some Good Homely Plant Foods for Peace Lilies?

Epsom Salt, simple kitchen scraps, and coffee grounds are the top three homely plant food you can use to fertilize your peace lily plant adequately.

How Often Does A Peace Lily Bloom?

A peace lily plant generally blooms twice a year. However, some selected species of peace lily can produce blossoms all through the year.

Is It Possible to Get A Peace Lily Plant Bloom Again Once It Stops Blooming?

It depends on the cause of not-blooming of your peace lily plant. If your plant stops blooming due to aging, you cannot make it bloom again. Otherwise, your plant could get rid of the stunt-blooming condition effectively with proper remedies.

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