Buds Falling Off: Make Your Hibiscus Bushy & Bloom Better

Why Buds Are Falling off Hibiscus How to Fix

Despite being fragrance-free, hibiscus considers one of the best flowering plants of all time. Besides its auspicious value, hibiscus flowers hold an inimitable appearance. They can bloom in various radiant tints like red, yellow, pink, and white; relying on their selected species. As this flowering plant cultivates only for its amazing blossoms, a gardener should … Read more

Why My Lavender Is Not Blooming? Lavender Turns Brown (Fix)

Reasons and Fix Why My Lavender is Not Flowering

Lavender is a must-have houseplant for every gardener, whether you have an herb garden or not. This supremely aromatic herb pauses a lovely fragrance that works as a natural anti-repellent component. My Lavenders Are Not Flowering: Too rich and fertile soil, not enough sunlight exposure, waterlogged soggy medium, over-fertilization, and over-watering are the core issues … Read more

My Clematis Is Not Flowering? How To Make It Bloom All Summer

Why my clematis is not blooming reasons and how to fix

Clematis, this flowering vine that can enhance the beauty of your yard excitingly. This perennial profile climber is a low-maintenance vine that produces blossoms in various bright shades and with different shapes, depending on their selective species. This pretty-looking flowering climber is divided into two specific diversions, small-petal flowers, and large-petal flowers. Both varieties need … Read more

Why Is My Anthurium Not Flowering? Turns Green

What's wrong why my anthurium is not blooming reasons and fix flowering

Here you will learn about the reasons why your anthurium is not flowering, make Anthurium plants bloom, and how to boost your plant to produce long-lasting flowers. Also, you will come to know why your plant flowers turn green. Native to South America, anthurium is a flowering plant of the Araceae or Arum family that … Read more

Why is My Celosia Not Blooming? And Drooping? (Reasons & Fix)

How to Take Care of Celosia Plants Soil Water and Sunlight

Celosia is an ornamental flowering plant from the Amaranthaceae family. This tender perennial plant is famous for its ‘flame-like’ flower heads. Celosia is known by another common name cock’s comb. The name celosia came from a Greek word, which means ‘burning’. This striking flowering plant has got this name due to its unique-looking blossoms. Apart … Read more

9 Plants with Orange Flowers (Pictures) & Quick Care for Blooming

Beautiful Plants with Orange Flowers - List and Plant Care

Orange is a striking shade indeed, isn’t it? Bright orange color always represents zeal, warmth, joy, success, and creativity. If you want to create a spectacular landscape view using the vibrant shade, add some orange flowering plants to your yard. They can generate an exclusive display in your garden area, especially when merged with some … Read more

Why My Hydrangeas Won’t Bloom? Fix (How to Change Color)

How hydrangea changes color how to manipulate soil pH for blue and pink Flowers

Hydrangea is a flowering plant that produces a stunning view while fully blooming. Whether it grows in an outdoor orchard or a small indoor garden area, hydrangea eternally looks ravishing due to its vibrant blossoms. This beautiful plant has almost 75 species in its single genera. This plant is very particular about its basic growing … Read more

Why My Orchids Wont Bloom? Reasons & Fix

Why My Orchids Wont Bloom Reasons and Fix

The orchid is a flowering plant from a widespread family that produces lovely flowers with a pleasant fragrance. The exact color and scent of the orchid blossoms depend on their specific species. Most orchid species are hardy and can grow easily in a normal house climate. Boat orchid, vanda, dancing lady, cattleya orchid, dendrobium, Encyclia, … Read more

My Canna Lily Not Blooming: Complete Plant Care

Canna Lily Plant Blooming Care

Canna lily is a lovely flowering plant from the family of Cannaceae. This single genus consists of almost 10 varieties of different species, which bloom different sorts of blossoms. Canna lily generally blooms mid-summer to fall but you need to take proper care consistently throughout the entire year with its preferred requirements. Canna Lily Plant … Read more

Why Won’t My Cactus Bloom? (Reasons & Fix)

Why wont my cactus bloom reasons for not flowering

Cactus is a succulent that is a natural habitat in the desert area without any proper care. Some specific species of cactus grow effortlessly as houseplants as well and even bloom exotic flowers sometimes. Most of the indoor cactus categories are flowering species. They bloom with striking blossoms once they get older. Opuntia, mammillaria, bunny … Read more