10 Fast Growing Evergreen Hedge Plants

Best Fast Growing Flowering Evergreen Plants for Garden Hedge

Nature seems more alluring when gets adorned with the touch of wildlife instead of other artificial decorations. This motto applies to our garden as well. You may decorate your open lawn or outdoor garden area with expensive fences, gazebo, or railings, but they always look more appealing when beautified with natural products. Hedge plants are … Read more

My Clematis Is Not Flowering? How To Make It Bloom All Summer

Why my clematis is not blooming reasons and how to fix

Clematis, this flowering vine that can enhance the beauty of your yard excitingly. This perennial profile climber is a low-maintenance vine that produces blossoms in various bright shades and with different shapes, depending on their selective species. This pretty-looking flowering climber is divided into two specific diversions, small-petal flowers, and large-petal flowers. Both varieties need … Read more

10 Best Trailing Succulents for My Hanging Baskets

Best Trailing Succulents for Your Hanging Planters

Succulents are always the best option as houseplants. Most are low-maintenance, quick-grower, drought-tolerant, and easy to look after. Besides, they hold an aesthetically delightful glance when added to your place. If you are also in love with their classy peek but can’t have enough space in your home to put a succulent planter, try growing … Read more

Am Seeing Brown Spots on My Plant Leaves: Reasons & Fix

How to fix brown spots on my plant leaves

Leaves of many plants, whether it is ornamental shrubs or normal flowering plants, often get caught by the problem of brown spots. Leaves always seem beautiful with their inheriting color. Quick Tip (In short): Brown leaf spots are not fatal, and most of the brown spots are because of fungus. Wet warm conditions on a … Read more

Why My Dracaena Fragrans is Dying: Reasons & Fix (Part 2)

Reasons for Root Rot on My Dracaena Plant - How to Fix

Dracaena plant is a succulent shrub that has been popular as a houseplant due to its exclusive appearance. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is highly appreciated for its growing flexibility. Quick Tip: A soft mushy stem accompanied by brown/ yellow soft leaves means you have overwatered your dracaena. Also underwatering, scorching sun, and … Read more

Why My Wandering Jew is Leggy? Reasons and Fix

Fix Leggy Wandering Jew Make It Bushy

Why Is My Wandering Jew So Leggy? Like any other ornamental trailing plant, tradescantia looks classy with restricted and fuller form. But sometimes a few small mismanagements in their caring process can lead your plant towards a leggy consequence. Leggy Wandering Jew would have long internodes and smaller leaves and its searches sunlight. Leaning toward … Read more

11 Lovely Fast-Growing Ground Cover Plants (Partial-Full Shade)

Best Low Maintenance Shade to Full Sun Ground Cover Plants

If you are looking for beautiful garden plants to adorn your lawn, go for some pretty ground covers. Ground covers are convenient for decorating an outdoor garden area for an exclusive landscaping view. Who wouldn’t like a picturesque glance in their yard? Ground covers, especially the fast-growers, can do the job perfectly here. Quick Tip … Read more

My Snake Plant Leaves are Yellow and Broken (Reasons and Fix)

Fix Broken Leaves of Snake Plant Reasons and Fix

The snake plant is a gorgeous houseplant that is appreciated for its glossy and big foliage. This indoor decorative plant can provide an unavoidable exotic look to your place with a minimal maintenance routine. However, consistent negligence in their caring regimen could invite some harmful issues in your favorite plant. Broken leaves (Quick Read): Your … Read more

10 Pretty Flowering Plants With Yellow Blossoms

Pretty beautiful yellow flowering plants for your garden 10 best plants

Yellow is a subtle color and provides a gentle look when decorating a place. This shade gets more emphasized when you merge it with some other bright shade. Quick tip for flowering plants: Prune your plants, and provide rich compost or vermicompost to add potassium and phosphorous which encourage flowering and prevent buds fall off. … Read more