10 Best Trailing Succulents for My Hanging Baskets

Succulents are always the best option as houseplants. Most are low-maintenance, quick-grower, drought-tolerant, and easy to look after. Besides, they hold an aesthetically delightful glance when added to your place.

If you are also in love with their classy peek but can’t have enough space in your home to put a succulent planter, try growing these trailing succulents once.

These are as pretty and normal as succulents and fortunately can be cultivated in hanging pots or baskets effortlessly. So, here we give you the best plant ideas in this regard-

Best Trailing Succulents for Your Hanging Planters

  1. Donkey Tail:


  • This is a perennial sedum that is popular for its unique tear-drop shape foliage
  • It grows longer and often tumbles from the edges of a hanging basket
  • This perennial succulent belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is also known as Burro’s tail
  • The donkey’s tail blooms during summer and produces flowers in bright shades like red, yellow, etc.

Size: It can grow up to 4 ft. tall with a 1-2 ft. spread

Quick Care Tips:

  • Give your plant loamy, sandy type well-drained soil with a slightly alkaline pH
  • Offer your plant at least bright light per day to let it thrive perfectly
  • Despite being a drought-tolerant, you must water your plant deeply per week
  • However, let the soil dry between watering and place it in a warm climate
  • Outdoors: Your donkey tail can happily survive tropical outdoors, but if your outdoor temperature drops to freezing cold it won’t.
  • Don’t expect your donkey’s tail plant to grow fast, it grows slow and steady. Yes takes years to grow.

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String of Hearts Donkeys Tail Ruby Necklace Succulents for Hanging Basket

  1. A string of Hearts:


  • A string of hearts plant grows succulent foliage over trailing vines
  • It is a fast-growing trailing succulent that can live for several years with the least care
  • This succulent grows attractive fleshy, greyish green foliage in heart shape over trailing stems
  • Some species can bloom flowers during summer and fall in a vibrant tubular shape

Size: Its string can grow 2 ft. long with 1-2 inches spread

Make my string of hearts bushier: Prunning occasionally and placing under 6-7 hours of indirect sunlight will help your plant grow new branches and stay fuller

Plant Care Tips:

  • Give your plant fully fertile soil with fast-draining quality and acidic pH
  • Offer your plant plenty of bright yet indirect sunlight for six to seven hours a day
  • Never let your plant suffer from overwatering or drought stress ever
  • Feed your plant once every 2-3 weeks with succulent special fertilizers during the peak months

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  1. Ruby Necklace (String of Rubies):


  • This is an eye-catchy trailing succulent that can grow easily on hanging baskets
  • It can beautify your place with an exclusive glace due to its variegated peek
  • This plant produces a unique type of trailing stem in a purplish ruby shade
  • It grows lush-green fleshy foliage along with bright daisy-like flowers sometimes

Size: It can grow around 2 inches tall with an equal spread

Why is my string of rubies wilting: Your plant is showing signs of overwatering, so let the soil dry and keep the soil moist but not soggy. And avoid watering often your ruby necklace in colder months.

How to Care:

  • Ruby’s necklace succulent prefers a well-draining soil type with neutral pH
  • Prepare the soil fertile enough with a proper ratio of compost, perlite, and potting mix
  • Don’t overwater your succulent and let the soil dry between watering
  • Provide your plant with a consistently warm climate with monthly fertilization

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  1. Air Plant:


  • Airplant belongs to the bromeliad family and includes more than 500 different species in it
  • It is an inexpensive succulent to grow at your place for an exclusive green look
  • The best part of growing this succulent is that you grow them without soil
  • Its pale-green foliage grows with a long pointy shape with a silvery waxy layer

Size: It can grow up to 18 inches in length with 8-9 inches spread

Plant Care:

  • You can grow air plat in both soil and water mediums according to your availability
  • Use plain tap water at normal room temperature to hydrate this plant
  • Provide uninterrupted bright light every day
  • And feed your plant infrequently with normal succulent foods in liquid form

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Air Plant Elephant Bush Baby Necklace Crassula Succulents for Hanging Planters

  1. Elephant Bush (Portulacaria):


  • Elephant bush is a unique-looking succulent with trailing stems
  • This plant has a sprawling habit and thus thrives easily on a hanging basket
  • Its tiny, fleshy, succulent leaves appear beautiful in a light green shade
  • The brownish stems even increase the beauty of its green foliage more strikingly


It can grow 8-12 inches long when cultivated in a basket instead of ground or open yard

Caring Tips:

  • Use moist, rich, and well-drained soil or potting mix to grow your plant
  • Pick a spot where it can grab bright but indirect light throughout the day
  • Give your plant a consistently warm temperature and weekly watering
  • And feed your succulent with slow-release liquid fertilizer once a month
  1. Baby Necklace Crassula:


  • Crassula baby necklace is a multi-branched trailing succulent
  • It holds an exclusive look of a classy assorted necklace with puffy disc-shape foliage
  • This species of crassula can grow as ground covers too but appears best when grown in hanging baskets
  • The exceptional red edges of each green hold of the leaves provide the foliage a striking dash


It can grow up to 12 inches with 5-6 inches spread

Quick Tips:

  • Use moderately fertile soil with high-draining quality
  • Water your succulent deep but let the soil dry between watering
  • Feed your plant with diluted liquid fertilizer once a month and provide a consistently warm climate
  • Keep your plant safe from the attacks of mealybugs and spider mites attentively

Trailing Jade Wax Plant Hoya Calico Kitten Rattail Cactus Succulents for Hanging Pots

  1. Trailing Jade (Peperomia Rotundifolia):

About the plant:

  • Trailing jade succulent is a brilliant option to grow in hanging baskets
  • It is native to Kenya and Tanzania forests
  • The stems of this succulent are unusually thick and thus appear unbeatably elegant
  • Its foliage grows in a pretty purplish shade instead of boring greens


It can grow around 10-12 inches long with 4-6 inches spread

How to Care:

  • Pick sandy and well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH
  • Offer your plant plenty of bright light through the direct or indirect sun
  • Water your plant mindfully and but avoid overwatering in all circumstances
  • And give a good pruning session after every few weeks
  1. Wax Plant (Hoya):


  • Wax plant or Hoya Finlayson is a fast-growing succulent
  • It grows vining stems in the deep green shade with light green thick foliage
  • This succulent grows bunches of flowers in a cluster in an elegant white shade
  • The wide and fleshy leaves thrive with light reddish tints around the borders

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It can grow up to 12-13 ft. tall with a 2-3 ft. spread

Care Tips:

  • Allow them to grow in moist but well-drained soil
  • Offer consistent bright but indirect light all day long
  • Water frequently in less amount to keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy
  • Choose a spot with high humidity and with moderately warm climate to put your plant
  1. Calico Kitten:


  • Calico kitten is one more succulent species of crassula that grows easily in a hanging basket
  • This plant grows lovely heart-shaped leaves on vining stems
  • Its foliage thrives in rosy pink to green tints and sometimes with a creamy hue
  • This succulent can add the most beautiful combination of colors to your place


Its stems can grow up to 12 inches long with 2-4 inches spread

Plant Care:

  • Choose rich, moist, and well-drained soil to grow this succulent
  • Water your plant occasionally once it gets established
  • It is drought tolerant and thus does not need much care or attention at all
  • Feed this succulent only twice a year with any balanced liquid fertilizer
  1. Rattail Cactus:


  • The rattail cactus is a flowering cactus species with trailing nature
  • It produces stems in thick succulent form with small needle-like spines
  • The plant looks exotic when growing in ariel condition instead of normally
  • It blooms vibrant large-petal pinkish flowers during spring and early summer


It can thrive up to 3-6 ft. long with 2-3 inches spread

Caring Tips:

  • Provide your plant with well-drained soil amend with cacti potting mix with a slightly acidic pH
  • Water your plant daily during the growing season and reduce it once the plant is established
  • Keep it in a moderately warm and highly humid place
  • And feed it with a cactus fertilizer in liquid form only once a week during peak months.

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