How to Fix My Bromeliads? Losing Colors & Turning Brown

Why My Bromeliads are Losing Colors and Curling Leaves

Bromeliads are truly attractive and vibrant flowering plants. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family which includes almost 3600 species from this variety. This bromeliad plant is one of the most striking ones among them. It has a great natural air-purifying quality and thus, is immensely popular among indoor gardeners. Details in Short Bromeliad Color change: … Read more

How to Make Your Lantana Bushy & Bloom

Why Lantana is not flowering reasons and fix for bloom

Lantana is a perennial flowering plant that is mostly cultivated for its amazingly variegated flower bunches. A consistently warm climate and some other basic growing essentials are enough to keep lantana healthy and productive. However, you may face some horrid troubleshooting issues by making some common mistakes in your daily caring regimen. Here we come … Read more

Why My Fern Leaves Are Curling: Reasons and Fix

Why My Fern Leaves Are Curling Reasons and Fix

Ferns come with tons of different species in their one receptacle. Most of the fern species need similar types of caring regimens. They usually require soberly warm temperatures, high humidity, a bright environment, and plenty of water to thrive with shiny, pointy fronds. Any kind of conciliation in these essential needs can drive unhealthy foliage … Read more

Reasons & Fix: Syngonium Curling & Yellowing Leaves (Pics)

Syngonium Plant Leaves are Curling Reasons and How to Fix

Why Are My Arrowhead Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? Arrowhead plant is the common name of the Syngonium plant. This plant grows attractive spade-like leaves in a quiet arrow shape. Leaves breed in various types of green shades starting from deep green to light green, sea green, or even lighter tannins, and sometimes, in a pinkish … Read more

Bird of Paradise Curling & Wont Bloom

Complete care propagation and quick tips for bird of paradise plant

Are Bird of Paradise Toxic to Cats? Strelitzia aka bird of paradise is a gorgeous flowering plant. Despite its amazing bird-like flowers, several gardeners avoid bringing or cultivating this plant at home due to its toxicity. Unfortunately, the bird of paradise is completely poisonous to house pets including cats and dogs. Why is it Toxic … Read more

My Bird of Paradise Leaves Curling: Reasons & Fix

Bird of Paradise Curling Leaves Plant Care

Bird of paradise is a big-foliage plant, that often grows indoors as an ornamental piece. Its oblong leaves seem striking while growing in a long banana-leaf-like concave shape in a deep green shade. This is a flowering houseplant, but undoubtedly foliage is the main attraction of this plant. The leathery surface of the leaves gets … Read more