Why My Dracaena Fragrans is Dying: Reasons & Fix (Part 2)

Reasons for Root Rot on My Dracaena Plant - How to Fix

Dracaena plant is a succulent shrub that has been popular as a houseplant due to its exclusive appearance. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family and is highly appreciated for its growing flexibility. Quick Tip: A soft mushy stem accompanied by brown/ yellow soft leaves means you have overwatered your dracaena. Also underwatering, scorching sun, and … Read more

Root Rot in My Dracaena Plants: (Identify & Fix)

How to care for Dracaena Plant in root rot

Dracaena is a succulent shrub that provides an unavoidable charm to your place when grown as a houseplant. This plant belongs to the asparagus family and holds an incredibly dense root system. Dracaena is one of the cool indoor plants which forgive for your maintenance mistakes. It can tolerate low light but slow growth, while … Read more