Bougainvillea Dropping Leaves & Not Flowering (Reasons & Fix)

Plant Care Bougainvillea Not Flowering

Bougainvillea plant is a flowering shrub that is usually cultivated for its stunning blossoms. It is an ornamental vining plant in the family of Nyctaginaceae and native to eastern South Korea. Bougainvillea mostly cultivates on higher grounds or hillside areas. Plants display heavenly beauty while blooming in a cluster over an uplifted vessel. It contains … Read more

Why My Poinsettia is Dropping & Dying?(Reasons-Fix)

Why My is Poinsettia Dying - Reasons and Complete Plant Care

Poinsettia is a beautiful-looking flowering plant that symbolizes purity, success, and cheers. This plant can make a great garden plant and houseplant with reasonable care. Poinsettia has been considered a significant plant since the ancient Aztec culture. Even new-age gardeners love this plant as one of the easy-to-grow flowering plants to cultivate. No matter whether … Read more

My Coleus Plant Is Losing Leaves: Reasons & Fix

Why my coleus plant leaves are falling off how to fix quick care tips

Coleus plants are one type of ornamental perennial shrub. Its super-variegated and vibrant foliage makes this a must-have decorative plant for your house. Coleus plants grow in various forms including succulent, tuberous, rootstock, and fleshy conditions. Despite bringing an ideal outdoor plant, you can cultivate this species effortlessly in a restricted indoor area. Native to … Read more

How to Save a Dying Yucca Cane Plant: Quick Care Tips

Drooping Dying Yucca Can Plant Care

As Indoor Plant: Yes it is a slow-growing plant but its easy maintenance and pest resistance make it an ideal indoor plant. Sunlight: Yucca plants love full sun and tolerate partial shade. Bedroom: Yes yucca plants can be grown in the bedroom, with enough sunlight provided for the plant it can happily keep your bedroom … Read more