My Bromeliads Are Not Flowering: Reasons & Fix (Better Blooms)

Reasons why your bromeliads are not flowering how to fix steps

Bromeliads are decorative plants with a supremely attractive blossom that bloom at the center-top of the plant. It blooms once in its entire lifetime and stays for about three to six months, unlike normal flowers. So, it is obvious that gardeners always eagerly wait to see the blossom of bromeliads, once they start cultivating this … Read more

Popular Bromeliad Types & Can Bromeliads Grow Outside

Popular Types of Bromeliads Varieties and Growing Outside in Sunlight

If you think that the tips for growing bromeliads are done then, wait my buddy. Bromeliads are huge in variety and thus, their growing necessities always vary from place to place. Hence, here we come up with some more cultivating tips for bromeliads along with a brief introduction of the top bromeliad types through our … Read more

What Not to Do? Bromeliads Complete Care

How to Care for Bromeliads Quick Care Ideas Watering Pruning and Propagation

Bromeliads are not easy to care houseplants which require bright indirect sunlight and optimum watering and fertilizer sparingly. Watering at regular intervals to keep the soil moist is enough rather than watering it to make it soggy. Check for proper drainage and pests to keep your bromeliads healthy and shine bright. Bromeliads will bloom only … Read more