How to Make Philodendron Grow Fuller, Faster & Bigger (Pics)

Contents: 1. Growth rate of philodendron 2. Clean Shiny Leaves 3. Make it grow faster, quick care tips 4. How to make philodendron fullerBushy Philodendron 5. Make Leaves Bigger. How fast do philodendrons grow? & FAQ

Growing Philodendron: Bigger leaves, Faster & Fuller
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Philodendron: Moderate to Fast
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Philodendron Faster Growth
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Bigger Philodendron Leaves

Overview: Philodendron is one more ornamental plant from the Araceae family that grows easily as a houseplant. It has an aerial root system single trunk and vining stems.

This perennial climber produces large, imposing foliage with an exclusive lobate pattern. Tropical habitat philodendron doesn’t have several necessities to thrive.

You can get an extraordinary peek of a philodendron plant with its gigantic leaves with the east care. However, minding some crucial segments during their growing period can recompense you with a vigorous plant.

Here are the most relatable methods of them-

How to Make Your Philodendron Grow Bushy Fuller Faster

Growth Rate of Philodendron

Philodendrons have a moderate to fast growth rate, filling your space with lush greenery as they sprout new leaves, branches, and vines.

let’s talk about the growth rate of philodendron plants! These little cuties are known for growing at a moderate to fast pace. When philodendrons are babies, they take their time to grow strong roots before shooting up in height. It’s like they’re building a solid foundation for their big adventure ahead (bigger lush leaves and fuller).

But once they become big kids, oh boy, they start growing faster! They sprout new leaves, branches, and vines, making their presence known in your home or garden. It’s like they’re saying, “Look at me! I’m growing like a champ!”

To help them grow even faster, give them the right conditions. Make sure they have just the right amount of water, not too much and not too little (moist-not soggy). Think of it like giving them a refreshing drink when they’re thirsty.

Light is also important. They enjoy bright, indirect sunlight, but they can be a bit shy and don’t like harsh, direct rays. So, find them a cozy spot where they can soak up the sunshine without getting too hot.

Remember, just like humans, philodendrons have their own unique personalities. Some may grow a little faster, while others take their time. So be patient and enjoy watching them grow at their own pace.

Before you know it, your philodendron will become a beautiful and leafy friend, bringing joy and fresh vibes to your space.

How To Make Philodendron Grow Faster?

A philodendron plant can reach the height of 20 ft. at its full maturity with a 6 ft. widespread. This decorative plant is a quick grower and sometimes can grow up to 3-4 inches per week.

But, sometimes, a little negligence in their caring schedule can interrupt that growth rate and hamper it noticeably.

On the other hand, you can tempt and stimulate that rate effectively and get a bigger philodendron plant before time with a faster growth rate.

So, here are some tips in this regard on how to make your growing philodendron rise faster-

Offer Bright But Indirect Light:

  • All philodendron varieties prefer bright but indirect light for six to eight hours a day
  • Place indoor plants a bit away from open windows,
  • Protect during the sunny afternoons and make sure the sun rays never touch the foliage during this time

Water Thoughtfully:

  • Do not water your plant more than once a week
  • Let the top 2-2.5 inches of the soil dry between watering
  • And always use distilled/filtered clean water to hydrate your plant

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Feed Once a Month:

  • You must feed your plant with a balanced and liquid fertilizer
  • Make sure you pick a fertilizer with good micronutrients to address growth and pests
  • Feed your plant monthly and apply the fertilizer once every two months during the winter season

Look for The Ratio:

  • The ratio is very important in fertilization, especially when you want a faster growth rate
  • Try to increase the nitrogen and potassium content higher than the phosphorus
  • And you must look for the calcium and magnesium parts as well in your chosen fertilizer

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Choose a Ventilated Spot:

  • Philodendron is one of those climber plants that collect micronutrients from the air
  • It is a natural air purifier though you must keep the air circulation of the room always high
  • And maintain a good humidity level of about 60% to 70% with a warm climate

Don’t Move Her Often:

  • Give your plant a little time to settle down after planting or repotting
  • If you want to take your plant out of the room or bring it inside your room, do it less
  • Don’t shake or rotate your plant or change its atmosphere much to keep its growth rate consistent

Be Reliable To Your Plant:

  • Let your plant lynching on you for their quick needs
  • Keep checking for pests and leaf colors once every week
  • Look for signs of down, wilting, or yellowing to address it asap, as it will be again working to get back rather than growing faster

This way you won’t give your plant any excuse to delay its growth and will have a speedy development for sure.

How To Make Philodendron Fuller/Bushy?

Trimming or pruning is the most effective way to make any houseplant bushier including philodendron. To make them bushier through a successful pruning session, you must keep some points in your mind.

Prune with care, give those stems a snip,
Pinch, oh so gently, the stem’s tip,

Just above a leaf node, make the cut,
New growth will emerge, with no ifs or buts.

Branching will happen, compact and round,
A bushy philodendron, truly renowned.

Light plays its part, bright but not harsh,
Water with love, when the soil is dry,

Consistent watering, a touch just right,
Supporting foliage, thick and bright.

  1. You must prevent your plant from turning out leggy
  2. Always use disinfect pruner to trim your plant
  3. Skip the cutter or shear for trimming vining-type philodendron species
  4. And try to do it with bear hands to avoid the nearest stems from the slightest stubs

Steps in Detail to Make Philodendron Fuller

  • Prune: Trim the long and leggy stems to encourage branching and bushiness. Cut just above a leaf node (the spot where a leaf grows from the stem) to promote new growth.
  • Pinch: Pinch off the tips of the stems with your fingers to stimulate branching and create a fuller look. This helps the plant grow more compact and bushy.
  • Provide Adequate Light: Place your philodendron in a spot with bright, indirect light. This helps the plant produce more leaves and promotes bushy growth. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves.
  • Proper Watering: Water your philodendron thoroughly when the top inch of soil feels dry, but avoid overwatering. Consistent and proper watering helps maintain healthy foliage and supports bushy growth.
  • Fertilize: Feed your philodendron with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) to provide essential nutrients for robust growth. Follow the package instructions for application rates.
  • Rotate: Rotate your philodendron periodically to ensure even growth on all sides. This encourages the plant to grow bushier as it reaches for light from different directions.

How To Prune Philodendron:

  • Bring a fully sterilized shear or pruner for pruning the thick-stem philodendron species
  • Otherwise, pinch the unwanted parts out of your plant by pinching them off
  • Try to cut off all the leggy parts along with the oldest stems or leaves
  • Now, make your cut where the base of the stem connects with the main trunk
  • Be certain that your cut is just above the node
  • And pinch the tips properly after trimming them off
  • Finally, reuse the healthy stems by propagating them
  • You can sow more stems in a single pot to give a bushier appearance naturally

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Steps to Make Your Philodendron Grow Bigger Leaves & Clean Leaves

How To Make Philodendron Leaves Bigger?

No matter you are growing which species of philodendron category, each plant seems beautiful with big foliage.  To make the bigger philodendron leaves even more gigantic, you can try these smart yet easy hacks for your plant-

Provide Enough Sunlight:

  • It needs a good amount of bright sunlight regularly
  • Provide your plant with six to eight hours of bright but indirect light every day

Keep Under Right Temperature:

  • Philodendrons like a warm climate with a consistent temperature
  • Keep the temperature between 65° to 85° F and never let it below 55° F, ever

Hydrate Perfectly:

  • Water your plant regularly once every 5 to 7 days and mist them once every month
  • Never let your plant go through the drought stress ever

Prune Consistently:

  • Never let your plat stay in leggy or congested form for long
  • And prune a growing philodendron at least once a month after it reaches a moderate height

Retain Pests at Bay:

  • Don’t let your plant get infested with any kind of pests or bugs infestation
  • Give your plant a good rinse of homemade insecticide sprays once a month

Maintain Higher Humidity:

  • Keep the humidity level 70% to 80% of the room where you put your philodendron
  • Use an artificial humidifier or pebbles tray or any possible method to maintain that level steadily

Repot In Time:

  • Never let the plant get congested in a small planter for long
  • Repot your plant every 2-3 years and don’t get into the trap of root bound during the replantation

Feed Adequately:

  • Plant it in fully fertile soil and feed your plant adequately with a high-nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fertilize them monthly with a balanced plant food with a 20-10-10 diluted NPK ratio

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How To Make Philodendron Leaves Shiny and Clear?

To make the big foliage of a philodendron plant shiny like a newly emerged leaf, you can try these three most effective methods accordingly-

Wash with Soapy Water:

  • To apply this method, mix 1 tbsp of liquid soap in a bowl of water first
  • Damp a piece of cloth in that solution and clean the foliage of your philodendron plant with this
  • You can wipe the wet leaves with a piece of dry cloth after the damp wipes if you want

Apply Homemade Wipers:

  • Mix vinegar and water in a bowl with a 1:2 ratio
  • Now repeat the wiping process the same as above
  • Apply this method once a week and you will see the difference within a month

Give Your Plant a Good Shower:

  • Take the plant inside your washroom or place it on your open balcony
  • Place it inside a large tub along with its planter
  • Take the hand shower or water pipe and give your plant a good shower
  • Make sure you are bathing it with a bottom-to-top motion
  • After washing the dirt and dust with the flush of water entirely, place it in a sunny spot for a couple of hours before getting back to its previous place.

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FAQ: How Long Can Philodendron Live?

A healthy philodendron can survive up to 20 years as a houseplant. Some of the species even can live around 100 years, especially, when they habitat naturally in the forest.


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