#14 Scents Cats Hate: Plants that Repel Cats

Nobody wants that their loving garden turns into a litter box of cats, right? Unfortunately, cats recommend a garden area for their pooping or urination spot, no matter how beautiful or organized it is!

Regrettably, you can’t protect your landscape all day from their attack, especially if you have a cat in your house or neighborhood.

Luckily, some plants can save us from this crisis. You just need to plant those cat-repellent ones at your place and see how easily you can keep cats as well as their excretion away from your orchard successfully.

Herbs and Plants that deter cats: To save your yard and the songbirds that visit your garden from roaming cats, sprinkle cayenne pepper flakes, use smells that cats hate like citrus fruit peels, orange, citronella, or aromatic oil sprays and herbs like lavender, peppermint, cinnamon lemongrass, rosemary, and thyme.

Also, add plants that repel the cats away, like geraniums, coleus canina, rue, pennyroyal, lavender, rosemary, curry plant, citronella, catnip.

Scroll down for detailed uses and how to steps for cat repeling plants and herbs


Fragrant Plants and Scents to Repel Cats

Plants that repel cats - getting rid of cats from your yard

  1. Lavender:

Lavender as a cat repellent

Lavender is one of the most popular cat-repellent plants we can have in our yard. If you want to give your garden a catchy look and desire to fill it with a mesmerizing aroma then, go with this one.

Some Must-Know Facts about Lavender:

  • Lavender is a plant that is hostile to cats but at the same time useful to the humans
  • You can use lavender plants in several ways from culinary purposes to making your home aromatic
  • They are low-maintained plants that can add an attractive purple touch to your garden
  • And most importantly, cats find it quite impossible to stand the heavy fragrance of lavender for even a small period!
  • Though it is pleasant for you (humans) it’s toxic for cats

While planting lavender can attract bees to your garden.

  1. Pennyroyal:

This is one more highly aromatic plant that grows purple flowers either. You need to crush or smash the leaves of this plant to spread the heavy fragrance that is quite suffocating for cats.

Some Must-Know Facts about Pennyroyal:

  • This plant is native to Europe as well as North Africa and belongs to the mint species
  • It is also known as pudding grass or mosquito plat due to its bushy texture
  • Pennyroyal plant leaves an aroma similar to the peppermint
  • Its deep fragrance is very annoying to cats and they like to avoid the place entirely when found pennyroyal around an area.

If you are looking for natural pest predators for your garden check for the kid’s favorite plants to attract bees to your garden.

  1. Rosemary:

Plant Rosemary as a Cat Repellent

You will be delighted to know that growing rosemary in your yard not only make your dishes tasty but also, repel cat expertly.

Does rosemary repel cats: Yes, with its somewhat prickly leaves and pungent smell (for cats) it keeps cats away from that place. And is aromatic for us, nontoxic, and not harmful for your pets too.

Some Must-Know Facts about Rosemary:

  • This is an herb that provides a detectable scent to the area it grows
  • Rosemary provides the same benefits as lavender and even claims less care than it
  • Its aromatic quality of rosemary makes cats conscious from a distance and they don’t come near the area usually
  • If you look for a plant that is creepy for cats but appealing for humans then, this would be the best pick for sure.

Apart from repelling cats out of your garden beds, you can check for some flowering plants to attract birds to your garden to make your yard lively.

  1. Citronella:

People usually know this plant as a natural pesticide or insecticide substitute, but fortunately, citronella is a great cat-repellent option too!

Some Must-Know Facts about Citronella:

  • This plant is mostly famous for producing essential oil due to its deep fragrance
  • Citronella is a bit poisonous for humans too, especially when getting direct contact with human skin
  • If cats stay long around this plant, they can get severe health issues including itchiness, and congested lung
  • This is a bit tricky-to-handle houseplant, so try this one as a cat-repellent option, if you can provide full care and fertilization as it requires.

Do geraniums deter cats: Yes geraniums are colorful and attractive, and it is also known to deter cats away from that landscape. Cats hate the smell of geraniums as it is noxious and irritating for its little nose.

  1. Coleus Canina:

This is a great plant to put in your yard to keep four-leg out of your garden. The vibrant look of coleus Canina provides your lawn an attractive glance, along with keeping cats away.

Does Coleus Canina Repel Cats: It seems like a yes to repel cats and dogs, but I haven’t experienced it with my garden plants and cats. Also, it is called a scaredy cat plant because of its appearance and smell. Still, it’s you users who have to comment did it really work?

Some Must-Know Facts about Coleus Canina:

  • This plant grows small bluish flowers along with grey-green bushy leaves
  • Coleus Canina is a half-hardy perennial plant that uses to make essential oil
  • This plant provides poisonous effects and skin irritation to cats but is safe for humans
  • Wait for the full growth of this scaredy-cat plant to make it completely scary and vile for cats.

Before we update the ways to get rid of cats from house plants, you can look give a glance at the list of best low-light indoor plants.

  1. Curry Plant:

Curry plant is a must-have option a gardener should include in their yard to repel cats in the most effortless way.

Some Must-Know Facts about Curry Plant:

  • Curry plant is also known as italicum and helichrysum august forum
  • It has an extremely strong aroma that is difficult for cats to bear
  • You don’t need to provide too much attention or care to grow this plant
  • Despite its heavy aroma, this plant isn’t edible, so, do not try to add this to your dishes ever!
  1. Catnip:

Another high-fragrant plant is ready in this list, which can benefit you immensely if you know the right way to use it. The interesting part of the catnip plant is that it can make cats crazy and creepy at the same time!

Some Must-Know Facts about Catnip:

  • Catnip is a species of the genus nepeta and known by various other names like catworth, catmint, etc.
  • This plant needs monthly fertilization and lots of space to thrive, so, grow one if you can provide these
  • Cats mostly react to this plant by flipping, rubbing, rolling, or even zoning out, which makes the growling badly
  • If you want the heaviest effect, try to crush some leaves of fully-grown catnip plants around your garden.
  1. Lemongrass:

Cats hate citrus scent and strong herbs use it to keep cats away
lemongrass and citrus scent to repel cats

A lemongrass plant not only works as a natural insecticide but also, as an effective cat-repellent option around. If you want to deter cats from your outdoor garden then, lemongrass is the best pick for you.

Does lemongrass repel cats: Yes cats mostly don’t like a pungent and strong smell. Lemon grass is non-toxic and known as a cat repellent as lemongrass citrus scent is high for cat’s sense of smell.

Yet cats nibble lemongrass at times, nibbling is okay but ingesting a considerable amount can cause stomach upset and in overload, it can cause serious illness.

Some Must-Know Facts about Lemongrass:

  • Lemongrass is a good-looking plant with a bushy texture and Asian origin
  • It provides a citrus-like scent that cats can’t stand for long
  • If you have enough space to let this plant thrive, it can grow almost 5 feet long
  • You can extract essential oil from this plant to utilize its leaves more beneficially

Just like ways to get rid of pestering cats you can learn about the methods to deter plant pests – ways to get rid of mealybugs.

Other Best Ways to Deter Cats:

Smells cat hate and ways to get rid of cats

Besides putting these plants in your garden, you must try a few smart tricks to prevent cats from pooping in your beautiful yard and trespassing easily, like-

  • Eliminate the reason that invites cats into your garden, like putting the trash bin or hanging the birdfeeder away
  • Prevent them physically by putting up fences and that is probably one of the best options you should try
  • Install water sprinkles in your garden, especially which are motion-active, as cats hate to get wet
  • Arrange a litter box outside of the garden and motivate your pet to use that option instead of pooping here & there in the garden
  • Make some noise with wind chimes or any other option like electronic devices, as cats get scared by such sudden sounds when they trespass quietly
  • Give try on ultrasonic motion sensing light flashing cat repellent
  • Sprinkle Cayenne pepper or chilly powder to keep cats away from your garden. Avoid windy days and make sure the cat is not inside the perimeter before your start it.
  • Use fragrances to deter cats by spreading objects with a high aroma like essential oil, husk of citrus fruits, leaves of aromatic plants, etc.
  • And use some thorny plants or pinecones in your garden to hurt them physically, as they mess with such options easily, and soon this will encourage cats to avoid your place eventually.

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