Brown Leaf Edges: Spider Plant Care & Baby Propagation

Spider Plant watering soil potting mix and pot quick care tips

Brown leaf edges of spider plants: It mainly occurs when it’s under harsh or direct sun, underwatered, overwatered, aging, and producing baby spider plants. It’s okay and good to trim off the brown parts of your spider plants for the plant to focus its energy where needed. Move to an ample airy place with full-day … Read more

Yellow Leaves On My Hibiscus: Save a Dying Hibiscus

Reasons for Yellow Leaves on Hibiscus How to save dying plant

Hibiscus is a stunning flowering plant from the mallow family of the Malvaceae genus. The main genus is quite hefty and incorporates almost hundreds of species. Hibiscus plants are native to the warmer tropical climate but easily adaptable to normal home temperatures. Thus, you can grow a healthy hibiscus plant easily in any corner of … Read more

Revive A Dying Dracaena Marginata: How to Propagate & Care

Pinterest Image on Dragon Tree Care Soil, Growth Propagation and Overwatered Revival Care

Dragon Tree Quick Care:¬†Dracaena marginata is shade tolerant but the bright indirect light-loving plant and prefers loamy soil which retains water but is not soggy. Deep watering weekly once and fertilizing yearly once is good enough for healthy growth.¬† Prune off damaged leaves and look for pests, trim rotten roots and repot if the plant … Read more

Save An Overwatered Peace Lily: Reasons & Fix for Yellow Leaves

Reasons and Fix on Overwatered Peace Lily

Signs Your Peace Lily is Overwatered: Plant will have stunted growth and drooping leaves along with dark patches and yellowish edges. Leaves curl with brownish hues, rotten roots, mold on the soil surface, and eventually a weak and dull-looking peace lily. How to Revive Your Peace Lily: Bring the plant to a bright place, and … Read more