9 Sweet Flowers & Fragrant Plants That Repel Flies

Plants to get rid of house flies: Houseflies are mostly attracted to house waste, pet waste, and invited to your house fermenting things. While nice fragrant flowers and heavy aromatic plants will repel the flies from your house and garden.

Plants/herbs like 1. Lavender 2. Rosemary 3. Sage 4. Basil 5. Lemongrass 6.Marigold 7. Mint 8. Garlic and 9. Citronella can ward off these pests

Fragrant Flowers and Plants to Repel Flies and Mosquitoes

Reasons for House Flies

Why Do You Have Flies in Your House?

Flies are mostly attracted to their food sources and, the odor that is alluring to them. Pet waste, rotting meat, feces, and tainted junks are something that fascinates flies the most. On the other hand, fruit flies mostly get engrossed in sugary crops, especially, which have a sweet aroma.

Similarly, eliminate fermenting things and decaying organic matter from your garden to get rid of slugs.

Sometimes, they get enticed with the smell of spilled aromatic drinks as well, like foamy drinks, alcohol, fizzy beverages, etc. In short, they seek dirty places to bite on. So, if your house is in untidy condition, be sure you will have a visit from this annoying creature soon.

What Smells Do Flies Hate?

Flies hate the deep and, a nice fragrance that helps to cure bad odor. Thus, they couldn’t stand the fragrance of air freshener. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, etc. are some products that have a fly-repellent aroma. Flies don like the beautiful smell of some high-fragrant essential oils as well.

Similarly, heavy aromas from lavender, mint, and lemongrass plants are known to repel cats off your garden.

Does Citronella Help to Repel Flies?

Citronella is an herb, which has a high fragrance and thus, helps immensely to deter flies from around. Not only flies, but this plant helps to repel various other insects also from your area, including mosquitoes.

Citronella is the fresh lemony smell is pleasant for us but it’s not the same for files and other bugs. Flies and such insects are attracted to the stinky smell – the food source, the heavy aroma from citronella plant, or oil suppresses the bad odor making it hard for the flies. When the stinky food source is not available then there are no flies around your garden and indoor.

How to use citronella and where not

  • You can rub or roll citronella essential oil on clothes rather than on skin to discourage flies and mosquitoes around you( it may irritate your skin).
  • Planting citronella in your garden can have the same effect outdoor to repel mosquitoes and flies, while it doesn’t hurt beneficial insects and visitors like bees and butterflies.
  • Though it is non-toxic avoid using citronella candles or burning oil indoors, as heavy smoke out from its not recommended for indoors. While outdoor usage of citronella is okay and good.
  • Also, you can use citronella oil in diffusers placed near flies and mosquito entry spots as windows and doorways can discourage them.

9 Effective Plants That Repel Flies:

As flies don’t like nice and deep fragrances around them, planting some herbs and fragrant flowering plants can deter them easily from your yard. Some of the most common effective plants which repel common houseflies from your house are as follows-

Picture of Basil and Citronella Flies Repellent Plants

  1. Basil:

Basil is a wonderful plant to deter houseflies from your home and garden. You can repel those annoying bugs from your place in the quickest way with this plant.

Why This?

  • This plant has been working since the ancient time as one of the best fly-repellent options
  • You can grow this plant easily in a planter and use it as fly-repel for your indoor garden
  • Basil plant has ease of growth thus work swiftly for you
  • It provides a heavenly aroma to your home that repels all harmful bugs and insects including flies.
  1. Lavender:

Lavender is one of the most used plants to deter disgusting bugs from your garden, especially, the English lavender genus. This plant can beautify the view of your home too, as well as repelling flies from your place.

Why This?

  • Flowers of this plant has an undeniable strong aroma, which flies couldn’t stand anyway
  • This plant can grow effortlessly in both indoor and outdoor garden
  • Lavender plant doesn’t need much attention, except bright light and loose, well-drained soil
  • You can use raw and essential oil both forms to repel flies from your home.

While lavender is one of the sweet and fragrant plants to attract bees.

Plants to keep flies away in garden lemongrass and lavender picture

  1. Lemongrass:

Lemongrass is one type of ornamental grass that helps you to deter several insects and bugs from your yard naturally.

Why This?

  • This is the best option to grow in your outdoor garden to give lemongrass the best thrives
  • As lemongrass is grass in nature thus, you don’t need to put any extra care, unlike other repellent plants
  • The lemony foliage has an unavoidable aroma that can spread through a wide range of area
  • You can prepare organic insecticides and bugs repellent liquid easily at home with a few drops of this grass

Picture of marigold and rosemary plant that keep flies away

  1. Rosemary:

This is a mind-blowing plant to grow in your garden to repel flies. Besides its aromatic flavor, this herb has plenty of health benefits as well.

Why This?

  • This is a brilliant option to go with for your indoor garden area
  • It doesn’t need much care apart from bright sunlight and well-drained soil
  • You can use the crushed leaves as an effective anti-fly option along with the whole plant
  • Rosemary plant will give you a beautiful pungent atmosphere that you don’t need any other room freshener to make your room aromatic.

Ref: Efficacy of rosemary.

  1. Marigold:

This is a beautiful-looking plant that not only beautifies your yard but helps to prevent flies from appearing in the house.

Why This?

  • Marigold is a sun-loving plant that needs only moderate care from you with full sun
  • This plant release limonene after flowering, which flies couldn’t stand
  • The distinct scent of this plant could repel bugs and insects even from a long distance
  • And you can use the root of this plant also to deter flies efficiently

Mint and Sage Flies Repelling Plant Pictures

  1. Mint:

Mint is one more option we have in this attempt that work exceptionally well in banishing the existence of common houseflies from your house.

Why This?

  • Mint is an easy-to-grow indoor plant and thrive in planter without any difficulty
  • Enough watering is one thing that mint plant needs to grow with 6 hours of sunlight, that’s easy to cultivate
  • Provide a deep and manifest aroma that is detectable by flies from long distance
  • And you can utilize the leaves for several purposes including repelling houseflies

ref: herb repel less desireable visitors (bugs).

  1. Sage:

This is a good perennial option to grow in your garden to banish any bugs or harmful pets from your garden naturally.

Why This?

  • You can grow sage in anywhere your house, whether it is an outdoor garden, indoor garden, balcony, patios, or hanging garden
  • The aesthetically beautiful leaves of this herb provide a deep fragrance that is suffocating for flies
  • You can give them a good thrive even in small planter besides garden beds
  • You can deter other bugs and set a natural camp for repelling fly-like creatures instantly just by crushing a few leaves from the plant.

Some other plants  you can grow/use essential oils of same in your garden area to get rid of flies are-

  • Garlic
  • Pitcher
  • Floss flower
  • Nasturtium
  • Lemon thyme
  • Petunias
  • Tansy
  • Sweet woodruff
  • Citronella
  • Venus flytrap, etc.

Prevention: How to Stop Flies From Coming to Your Home?

  • Stop piling junk and waste inside your house or wipe and clean the place immediately.
  • Use garbage bin with a lid to throw kitchen waste
  • Clean the outdoor area frequently, where you pile house waste
  • Treat entrance with fly-repellent sprays like pyrethrin
  • Remove dead bugs or flies from your house instantly
  • Block the light source of your home from outside at night
  • Place natural fly repellent objects around your house
  • Grow herbs and plants that deter flies naturally
  • Burn or throw waste of your house as soon as possible
  • Keep the floor clean and dry by moping regularly
  • Use air fresheners to get a nice fragrance in the entire house
  • Seal every unnecessary crack, crevices, or any open area around your home
  • Always cover your open food properly to hold the smell out of your house that invites flies
  • And most importantly clean your house regularly and keep it tidy.

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Herb and plants to get rid of flies house and garden


Why Do Flies Follow You?

Houseflies like waste, and garbage-based junk along with their bad smell. So, if you have such castoffs around your place, they will follow you for sure.

Do Common House Flies Bite?

Common flies have lapping or sponging parts inside their mouth, thus they cant bite.

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