These Indoor Plants Happily Grow in Water

Cleanliness-freak people always seem concerned about the tidiness around their indoor garden area. No matter how hard you try, you will always end up with some muddy substance, if you use soil as their growing medium.

Growing plants in water is another easy way to regrow a propagable part from the parent plant. The cultivation process of water-grow is no exception to soil medium.

You just need to check a few specific things deliberately to grow the indoor plant in water to keep them eternally thriving. Here are the top 10 plant ideas that grow in the water effortlessly with the least care and attention-

10 Indoor Plants Which Easy to Grow In Water

10 Best Indoor Plants That Can Grow in Water

  1. Lucky Bamboo:


Lucky bamboos are like a natural centerpiece. It can be a great hydrophobically grown plant with a minimal caring regimen.

You can grow it in a spiral or woven shape surrounded by some multicolored gravel and rocks. It can grow up to 1 to 5 ft.  tall with a 2 ft. spread.

Growing Tips:

  • Use distilled or filtered water to grow this lucky indoor plant
  • Change the water every seven to ten days and drop some pebbles into it
  • Keep the growing temperature between 65° to 90° F with an average humidity level
  • Feed your lucky bamboo every other month with any liquid fertilizer

Hardiness Zone: 10 to 11

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Lucky Bamboo Dracaena Begonia Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

  1. Dracaena:


Some of the dracaena plants can wonderfully survive when cultivated in water. This plant holds a narrow bark-like main stem along with super-sleek long leaves.

Foliage thrives with light to deep green shades with classy stripes. It can grow up to 10ft. tall with 2 ft. wide.

Growing Tips:

  • Always use chlorine-free water to grow dracaena
  • Pick a jar with a narrow mouth to cultivate this indoor ornamental plant
  • Keep changing the water every few days to prevent them from becoming mushy ever
  • Maintain a consistent warm growing temperature with medium to the high humidity level

Hardiness Zone: 7 to 11

  1. Begonia:


Begonia is one more clever option to pick in this regard. This plant grows beautiful semi-heart-shape foliage in a deep green shade.

Leaves hold a striking color-hue at the backside and are adorned with visible white patches on the green surface. It can grow up to 1 ft. tall with a minimal 4-inches spread.

Growing Tips:

  • This plant thrives well in water when you propagate in water
  • Use germs and chlorine-free water and change the water every other week routinely
  • Keep your plant in a moderately warm spot with medium humidity
  • Feed it with a slow-release formulated fertilizer once a month

Hardiness Zone: 9 to10

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  1. Pothos:


Pothos is a brilliant option to cultivate indoors for its super-catchy appearance. It grows thick, waxy-coated green leaves with white spots and sleek edge lines.

Its glossy heart-shaped leaves thrive uncontrollably over trailing stems. This plant can grow 6 to 10 ft. tall 2 with a 4ft. widespread.

Growing Tips:

  • You can pick any wide-mouth transparent pot like a fish bowl or vase to grow pothos
  • Use clear and filtered water to cultivate pothos hydrophobically and change the water weekly
  • Check the oxygen level in the water with a proper device to keep it always normal
  • Feed your plant twice a year with any slow-release liquid fertilizer during spring and summer

Hardiness Zone: 10 to 12

Pothos Coleus Paperwhite Plant Houseplants That Grow in Water

  1. Paperwhite Narcissus:


If you are looking for any flowering plant in your indoor hydrophobically cultivation, paper white can make a perfect pick for you.

It grows narcissus bulbs in the bright sea-green shade. The stalk-like plant occasionally blooms white flowers in a small cluster at the top of the green stalks. Plants can thrive up to 16-18 inches tall with a 3-4 inch spread.

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Growing Tips:

  • To grow this super-pretty flowering indoor plant, fill the jar with pebbles halfway into the water
  • Keep the growing temperature between 60° to 70° F and never drop it below 55° F, ever
  • Change the water every few weeks and always use chlorine-free water for the better result
  • Place them in a bright spot with indirect sunlight and feed them with any normal liquid fertilizer two to three times per year

Hardiness Zone: 8 to 11

  1. Coleus:


Coleus is an indoor plant with vibrant curvy foliage. This herbaceous perennial shrub grows leaves in a deep magenta shade with a raspberry-pink highlight in the middle.

The curvy edges of the leaves are highlighted with light shades from neon green to a yellowish tint. An indoor coleus plant can grow up to 3 ft. tall starting from 6 inches with a wide 3 ft. spread.

Growing Tips:

  • You can grow it in a wide-mouth glass jar with a medium space
  • Use chlorine-free water and change the water every other week when you grow them hydrophobically
  • Chose a bright spot under the sun with partial shade
  • And fertilize them monthly during the peak seasons with any liquid plant food

Hardiness Zone: 10 through 11

Wandering Jew Impatiens Dumb Cane Indoor Plants Survive in Water

  1. Wandering Jew:


Wondering jew is another striking indoor plant, that you can propagate or regrow easily in water. This plant is one of the most easy-to-grow ornamental indoor species that naturally thrive like weeds.

It grows astounding variegated leaves with a variation of green and purple shades in a beautiful way. A plant can grow up to 6 to 9 inches with 5-6 inches spread.

Growing Tips:

  • A mature wondering jew plant can reach the height of 6 feet with proper thriving space
  • You can grow this pretty decorative plant in a terrarium while cultivating in water
  • Keep your plant at a temperature between 50° to 80° F with average-medium humidity
  • Place it in a bright spot and feed it weekly during peak months with diluted fertilizers

Hardiness Zone: 9 through 12

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  1. Impatiens:


You must pick this impatient indoor plant to cultivate in water, as it can survive more than a longer period while growing hydrophobically.

This flowering plant is super thirsty and growing them in water is the best option to fulfill their water needs. It blooms bright and pretty flowers win various gorgeous tints. A plant can thrive up to 16 inches tall with a similar spread.

Growing Tips:

  • Provide your impatiens plant filtered sunlight for four to six hours every day
  • Let the root float in water by choosing a long glass pot to grow this plant in water
  • Change the water every other week to keep the oxygen level sufficient
  • Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month only during the peak months

Hardiness Zone: 10 through 11

  1. Dumbcane:


Dumbcane is a common indoor plant with large and variegated foliage. This typical ornamental plant can grow easily in a water medium. The leaves grow in a dark green shade with a silvery pattern and waxy coating.

Its hard root system claims a bigger pot to thrive while cultivating hydrophobically. This decorative perennial plant can thrive up to 6 ft. tall with a 3 ft. spread.

Growing Tips:

  • Offer your plant plenty of bright sunlight through direct or indirect sun
  • Keep it in a warmer climate with a consistent growing temperature between 60° to 75° F
  • Use chlorin-free clear water only and change it every 2-3 weeks after the propagation
  • Feed your dumbcane with high-nitrogen plant food once a month in liquid form

Hardiness Zone: 10 to 12

  1. Spider Plant:


If you like less-spacious indoor plants then the spider plant can make a great choice. Its lustrous arching foliage in narrow shape appears supremely classy when thriving in leaf-green shade.

You have to provide this plant some support while cultivating them in water. Its delicate stems often get submerged while growing without trails. A plant can grow up to 15 inches tall with 6-8 inches spread.

Growing Tips:

  • Try to use hydroponic solutions when you are growing it in the water
  • Change the water every 3-4 days as the roots of this plant need a clear growing medium to thrive
  • Provide your plant the bright sunlight through filtered sun
  • And feed your spider plant with any water-soluble granulated all-purpose fertilizer twice a year

Hardiness Zone: 9 through 11.

FAQ on Growing Plants in Water

Q: How often should I change the water when growing plants in water?
A: The frequency of changing the water depends on the type of plant you are growing. Generally, you should change the water every 3-4 days for most plants, but for some plants such as Lucky Bamboo, you should change the water every 7-10 days.

Q: What is the best temperature for growing plants in water?
A: The ideal temperature for growing plants in water varies depending on the type of plant you are growing. Generally, the temperature should range from 65° to 90° F for most plants.

Q: What type of water should I use for growing plants in water?
A: It is best to use filtered or distilled water for growing plants in water. This will help to prevent any germs or chlorine from affecting the plants.

Q: How often should I feed my plants when growing them in water?
A: The frequency of feeding your plants depends on the type of plant you are growing. Generally, you should feed your plant with a liquid fertilizer once a month. For some plants, such as spider plants, you should provide them twice a year.

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