How to Fix: Basil Leaves Turning Yellow (Pics) & Dying Plant Care

Reasons Why My Basil Plant is Dying How to Fix

Contents: Reasons why basil leaves are turning yellow, how to fix dying basil plants, harvest basil without hurting the plant, and FAQ on basil plant care. Reasons in Short: Why Basil Leaves Turn Yellow Overwatering: Excessive moisture can lead to yellowing basil leaves. Underwatering: Insufficient watering can cause stress and turn basil leaves pale. Nutrient … Read more

Why My Caladium Leaves are Turing Yellow {Reasons & Fix}

Caladium is an ornamental plant that peeks spectacularly due to its vibrant and wide foliage. This plant is also known as an elephant ear or angel wings for its wide heart-shaped texture. Yellowing Leaves in Short: Your Plant leaves could turn yellow because of nutrient deficiency, uneven watering schedule, poor drainage, and not getting enough … Read more

My Ponytail Turning Brown: Revive a Dying Plant

Dying Ponytail Plant Turning Brown Ways to Attend

Ponytail or ponytail palm is a unique-looking ornamental plant. This species of the Asparagaceae family is native to eastern Mexico and related to the true palm genus. A ponytail plant can thrive under any preferable gardening climate with the mildest care. This quality makes this palm species a noted place among the other bonsai houseplant … Read more

7 Reasons & Fix: Dieffenbachia Leaves Turning Yellow

Reasons for Your Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia Leaves Turning Yellow

Dieffenbachia aka dumb cane or leopard lily is a big-foliage ornamental plant. This belongs to the tropical flowering genus from the Araceae family. It demands attention with its large, show-stopping leaves that proudly display intricate patterns and mesmerizing variegation. Curling Leaves: Too much sun or cold drafts or spider mites and pests could be the … Read more