My Philodendron Leaves Turn Yellow? (Plant Care & Propagation)

Why My Philodendron Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Philodendron is a large genus of big-foliage flowering plants from the Araceae family. Its vibrant green leaves give this species its true value as an ornamental plant. Philodendron is also known as an elephant ear due to its unique shape. There are several types of wide-leaf species are included in this single species. However, the … Read more

Grow Faster & Healthy Pothos/ Devils Ivy: Quick Care Tips

Make my pothos plant grow faster quick tips on complete Devils ivy plant care

Pothos plant is a typical houseplant that is easy to care for with some basic plantation methods. This species of the Araceae family is native to southern Asia. It pauses a tropical appearance when added to a room. Make your pothos grow faster: Healthy loamy rich growing medium which drains well and is not soggy. … Read more