Why My Geraniums Are Dying: Reasons & How to Revive

Why Geraniums are dying reasons and fix and how to care for your plants

Geranium can grow from seeds quickly with growing provisions and a little care. However, geraniums thrive more rapidly while cultivated from cuttings or small plant forms instead of seeds. Why Geraniums are Dying: Either its frost (will come back in spring), under or over watering (watering stress), not enough sunlight, low humid places, overfeeding in … Read more

The Best Plants for Bathroom: Low Light & Moisture Tolerant

Best Bathroom Plants part 1 Alocasia Gardenia Asparagus Fern

Like any other room in your house, a bathroom will also get enhanced with a touch of nature. What will be more signifying than placing a pretty houseplant into it? Fancy people have a fetish for embellishing their washrooms as well along with the other parts of their homes. Placing a beautiful plant in a … Read more