Why do you plant tomatoes and basil together?

Do you know why tomatoes and basil go together like PB&J? They are the ultimate garden power-couple!

Tomato Basil Affair

Tomatoes and basil have a few key things in common: they both love warm sunny weather, they're both easy to grow, and they both taste amazing. But why, exactly, is it good to plant tomatoes and basil together?

Basil a GoodCompanion

In addition to their shared growing needs, basil and tomatoes have a special relationship in the garden. Basil is a great companion plant for tomatoes because it helps to repel certain pests and diseases, like aphids and whitefly, that can ruin your tomato plants. Plus, basil’s strong smell can mask the smell of tomatoes, which can attract certain pests.

It Benefecial for Basil Too

It’s pretty clear that basil helps tomatoes, but tomatoes can also be beneficial to basil. As tomatoes grow, they release a chemical called “gibberellic acid” into the soil, which helps to promote the growth of basil.

Happy Planting...

So why not plant tomatoes and basil together in your garden? You get the benefit of pest protection, faster growth, and delicious flavors for your salads and sauces. Plus, there’s something about the combination of tomatoes and basil that just makes your garden look like an Italian masterpiece!